Can a spouse commit identity theft?

Can a spouse commit identity theft?

Spousal identity theft occurs when your spouse uses your identity for opening and using multiple credit card accounts, creating other fraudulent accounts, misusing social security numbers, signing documents, and more; all without your consent.

Who is responsible for reporting identity fraud?

5. Report the identity theft to the FTC. In the United States, you can report your identity theft to the FTC by completing the online form at or by calling 877-438-4338 and providing as many details as possible.

What should you do if you are a victim of credit card fraud?

Is fraud a serious crime?

Aside from the financial costs, being a victim of fraud can cause serious reputational damage for businesses. Concern about adverse publicity probably contributes to under-reporting.

How do you prove you are a victim of identity theft?

File a police report.

How do I stop someone from applying for credit in my name?

Here are five steps you can take if someone opens a credit card in your name, so you can close the account and prevent further fraud.

When a person uses a card without a card holder’s permission, this is illegal. Under U.S. law, if the person reports unauthorized use, he is only responsible for a maximum of $50 in charges. Either the retailer or the credit card company will be responsible for any charges made without proper authorization.

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