Can red belly piranha live with other fish?


Can red belly piranha live with other fish?

Tank Mates Some closely related piranhas may school together. However, make sure you have as big a tank as possible to limit the consequences of violence. Even moderate aggression is dangerous in a fish with razor-sharp teeth. Some aquarium hobbyists have had luck with plecos, since these catfish are all but armored.

What fish can be kept with red-bellied piranha?

Well fed Red Belly Piranhas are fairly tame towards their tank mates and can be kept alongside other fish their size. Large Cichlids, armored Catfish, and related fish like Pacus and Silver Dollars are your safest choices. However you can also try keeping them with tiny fish that are beneath their notice.

Do piranhas eat capybara?

Piranhas do have sharp teeth and powerful jaws and will eat larger animals like birds or capybara. They are also excellent scavengers.

Do Piranhas attack live animals?

Most piranhas, like this red-bellied piranha, simply nip at other fish as the pass. Attacking a live animal isn’t out of the question for piranhas, but it’s not likely they could take down a healthy, full-grown human. They have, however, been known to attack sickly, old animals that come to drink from the river.

How long does it take a piranha to eat a human?

According to Ray Owczarzak, assistant curator of fishes at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, it would probably take 300 to 500 piranhas five minutes to strip the flesh off a 180-pound human.

Where is it legal to own a piranha?

It is LEGAL to own piranhas in some states including Michigan, New Hampshire, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, North and South Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming and Wisconsin.

How much is a tank of piranhas?

The actual Piranha themselves, should be around $50 for 5 fish. The entire aquarium setup, that will include the aquarium, heaters, pumps, decorations, filters, gravel, and all the ancillaries should be around $750. The ongoing cost of food might be around $20 ” 30 per fish depending upon what you feed it per month.

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How much does a piranha cost as a pet?

How Much Do Piranhas Cost? The average cost of 2- 2.5” Piranhas is around $30. Experts suggest that this is the ideal size of Piranhas to introduced into an aquarium. Piranhas species smaller than 2” can cost between $5 and $15.

Can Oscar fish live with piranhas?

There both from the same native waters and can both live together peacefully. The piranhas however are notorious for getting hungry and attacking their tankmates.

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