Does Alex and Ani fix broken bracelets?

Does Alex and Ani fix broken bracelets?

Upon approval of your warranty claim, ALEX AND ANI will replace your jewelry with the same item if available. If the item is unavailable, in-store customers will receive a gift card for the value paid. Online customers will receive an E-Gift Card.

Can you exchange Alex and Ani bracelets?

Return Policy ALEX AND ANI jewelry is meant to bring happiness and inspiration to its wearers. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please return the item(s) to us within 30 days of the purchase or order delivery date. The returned item must be unworn with the UPC tag attached or appropriate UPC packaging.

How do you fix tarnished Alex and Ani bracelets?

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the piece with mild soap and water, rinse thoroughly, and pat dry.

How can you tell a real Alex and Ani bracelet?

Q: How can I check for authenticity? A: ALEX AND ANI jewelry comes with three special tags so that you’ll know you’re wearing the real thing. Each one is stamped with our heart flag tag, COPPURE ® tag, and official patent number tag.

What’s so special about Alex and Ani bracelets?

Known for its signature tightening mechanism that replaces a traditional clasp on bracelets, Alex and Ani jewelry has gained popularity in the United States and various other countries since its beginning. Every piece of Alex and Ani jewelry is infused with positive energy in three ways: Manufacturing process.

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Do Alex and Ani bracelets tarnish?

Unfortunately, yes they do tarnish. As they are made of an alloy of copper, they tend to oxidize the longer they are exposed to certain elements. This oxidization causes the tarnish to occur. It’s not all bad though because Ani and Alex knew this would happen and always notify you of this when you are buying them.

Is Alex and Ani good quality?

There are also continued positive Alex and Ani reviews on some of their Amazon product pages. For instance, on the page for Love Rose Gold Charm Bangle Bracelet, there are over 1,485 global ratings with a rating of over 4.8/5 stars. Most customers have commented that their jewelry was made out of high-quality material.

Can you wear Alex and Ani bracelets all the time?

With bracelets, Ms. Rafaelian steers clear of stacking precious pieces, noting that stacked bracelets can sometimes rub stones the wrong way or loosen up. “These things move and touch each other and they can open up a clasp,” she says. She can comfortably wear as many as seven or eight bracelets on a wrist, she says.

How much is Alex and Ani worth?

Back then Alex and Ani was pulling in estimated revenues of $500 million. By 2019, it had dropped closer to $400 million, even before the pandemic.

Is Alex and Ani nickel free?

Our metals are carefully crafted with safe materials and eco-friendly fabrication, a.k.a., they’re all nickel-free and pass the highest level of testing in the U.S., the county where all ALEX AND ANI jewelry is made.

What is rafaelian gold?

Rafaelian Gold Finish and Rafaelian Silver Finish are nickel-free. They are a rich, eco-friendly matte Silver and Gold finish plated on a brass base. They have an antique look from the oxidation process and are coated with anti-tarnish to protect the piece and hold its finish.

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Is Alex and Ani Armenian?

ALEX AND ANI Founder, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer Carolyn Rafaelian, the daughter of an Armenian immigrant, is committed to raising awareness and funds that will be used to transform the lives of Armenian families in need by providing them with a healthy place to live and thrive.

What is Coppure?

Copper is an ancient metal rich with history. First discovered about 10,000 years ago, it has long been regarded for its balancing properties. We call this facet of our jewelry “COPPURE” ” a harmonious blend of the amplifying metal with meaning and symbolism.

How do you remove tarnish from Alex and Ani bracelets?

Alex and Ani: How to Remove Tarnish In th… Great way to clean Alex & Ani: Make a paste from baking soda and warm water. Scrub charm with a soft toothbrush (I used a children’s brush). Rinse under warm water, dry with a soft cloth.

Can you add more charms to Alex and Ani bracelets?

can you add charms to the alex ani braclets? No, it won’t hold charms.

Can you put charms on a bangle?

Once you’ve opened your PANDORA bracelet or bangle, you can add your charms. Moments charms simply thread onto their respective bracelet or bangle. Remember to secure your charm styling with a safety chain, just in case, and close the bracelet or bangle clasp properly.

How do you put an Alex and Ani pull chain bracelet on?

To fit the bracelet to your wrist:

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