Does Cricket Wireless keep phone records?

Does Cricket Wireless keep phone records?

Unfortunately, we do not keep text message records.

Does cricket keep text messages?

Cricket does not keep records of phone numbers called, retain the contents of text messages, or store IP address records, he said, noting that the ACLU had uncovered this information with Freedom of Information Act requests.

How do I retrieve text messages from cricket?

How to Read Text Messages From My Cricket Phone on the Computer

How far back can I see my call log?


Can I get my old call history?

To simply view your Samsung call history, open the Phone app ‘ Tap Recents. To retrieve older calls not stored on the phone, try restoring your call history. You can do this by: Go to Settings’ Accounts and backup ‘ Restore Data ‘ Select your phone ‘ Tap Restore.

How can I see my call history from 2 months ago on my iPhone?

How To View Your iPhone Call History Via iCloud

How can I see my full call history on my iPhone?

How to check call history on your iPhone

How can I check my call history online?

How To View The Call History For A Specific Number

How do I find my call history on my iPhone?

How to check call history on an iPhone. Checking the call history on your iPhone is simple. Just open the Phone app, and then tap Recents at the bottom of the screen. A list of recent calls will appear.

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How can I check someones call log?

What is the iPhone call history limit?

100 entries

How far back does call history go on iPhone?

Apple saves up to four months of a user’s call history whenever they are using iCloud Drive, according to Elcomsoft. The call history saved to iCloud keeps detailed information including phone numbers, dates, times of day the calls were made or received, and duration of calls, as first reported by the Intercept.

Why is my call history not showing on iPhone?

On your iPhone, open the Settings app and tap on General followed by Date & Time. Turn the toggle for Set Automatically to the ON position. The above should fix the recent calls not showing on iPhone 6 issue for you.

Why is my call history not showing?

Clear the cache and data for that app. There seems to be a cache conflict causing the issue. Then go into the Phone app settings and see if she configured it to not save logs. Also, apps like CCleaner or CleanMaster will delete old logs if you select the option.

Why has my call log disappeared?

Either your call logs are disappearing because they’re getting replaced by new information so the oldest calls are getting deleted first…. Or, someone’s deleting your call logs. Hope that helps.

Do iphones automatically delete call history?

iPhone can only save 100 records of call history, both incoming and outgoing. If new call history are generated, the earlier records will be automatically deleted. If the iPhone is frequently used to make calls everyday,call history will be deleted automatically when the logs saved on the device are more than 100.

How do I change my call history on my iPhone?

You can’t change that. You can’t! iPhones only show the last 100 calls. Having said that, when you reach 100 and then delete a few calls from the history list, the same number of older, previously hidden, calls then appears.

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How do I recover my call history on Google Drive?

Go to Settings. Go to Backup and Reset. Select Restore (It should say restore from Google Account).

How do I stop my call history from deleting?

Open Settings->Apps-> Enable Show System Apps. Search for Google Play and Tap on it. Now see the permissions. Disable permissions like Call Logs and Contacts.

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