Does Ed get with winry?

Does Ed get with winry?

Ed and Winry never had a chance to communicate that there feeling were mutual. In the 2009 version, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Edward and Winry eventually get married and have 2 kids, but it is only shown in the credits of the final episode of the series.

Who does winry like?

Winry isn’t an alchemist; instead, she is dedicated to machines and automail, and as a favor, she will fix and upgrade Ed’s automail anytime he asks for it, free of charge. Winry was a fairly typical “girl next door” at first, but she and Ed soon fell in love, and indeed, they married later on.

Who does Ed Elric marry?

This relationship was confirmed at the end of the series, with Ed confessing his feelings to and eventually marrying Winry. According to the Fullmetal Alchemist Chronicle (Official Guide), they get married in 1917 and have two children.

Does Roy stay blind?

When Roy is forced to open the Gate, he loses his sight and only his sight, not his physical eyes. However in “The Blind Alchemist” Jude lost the entirety of his eyes.

Is Roy still blind?

Later, the homunculi attack Mustang, forcing him to use alchemy to become the fifth human sacrifice needed for their leader. This results in Mustang losing his eyesight as part of the sacrifice, although he continues to fight with Hawkeye to help him direct his attacks.

Do Roy and Riza get married?

No, the only canonically confirmed couples are Ed and Winry (who are seen married with children at the end of FMAB) and Roy and Riza (creator Arakawa confirmed this in the 3rd FMA artbook). During a two-year period, Alphonse visits Caroline and they eventually became husband and wife.

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Did May and Alphonse end up together?

8 She & Alphonse Did Get Together After The Series Ended It’s implied the two make their relationship official during this time, as afterward, the two of them return to Amestris together.

Why is Roy Mustang a good character?

He is great because he is written as a human instead of just another character in another manga. He has a realistic personality, realistic relationship, realistic emotion. He is not without flaw, has questionable moments, and also has a really warm moments.

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