Does Inigo talk to serana?

Does Inigo talk to serana?

I know he does with Lydia, Mjoll, and Erik at least (as I keep those three around regularly). I wouldn’t be surprised if there are others. Serana, no (at least not yet). Inigo doesn’t have dialogue for the DLC content yet.

Can Inigo dual wield?

He can very definitely dual wield, he`s a blizzard of death with two dragonbone swords.

Where does Inigo go when dismissed?

If you dismiss him, he returns to Riften Jail. I know this for certain and he will tell you this when you dismiss him. He will also give you a quest called “where are you, Inigo?”, that you can track and it will put a quest marker on him so you can always find him.

Who voices Inigo Skyrim?

Mr. Gauthier

How many followers can you have in Skyrim?

one follower

Where is the Riften jail?

Mistveil Keep

Yes, of course.

Fence is the term used to describe a member of the Thieves Guild who will buy stolen property. Unless the Speech perk “Fence” is taken, stolen merchandise can only be sold to a fence. Stolen property is identified by the word “Stolen” on the top right of the item description.

How do I get out of Riften jail?

4 Answers

Where is Svidi?

Svidi is the bard at the Vilemyr Inn in Ivarstead where she goes by the name of Lynly Star-Sung. After finding her she will give you her version of the story.

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Can you marry sibbi Black Briar?

Nope. Mods it is, then. Thank you.

How do you get Svidi to talk?

Head to Ivarstead and enter the inn. You’ll find the bard named Lynly Star-Sung. Talk to her and ask her if her real name is Svidi. You’ll have to intimidate her to make her talk.

Can you marry Lynly star Sung?

no you can’t. she’ll sing of your glory, though.

Where is Rorikstead in Skyrim map?

Rorikstead is a Settlement located East of Markarth and West of Whiterun. Rorikstead was founded by a former imperial soldier by the name of Rorick. When he bought it many years ago it was infertile but now it has extremely healthy crops and is fairly well off for a small village.

How do I talk to sibbi in Skyrim?

360 PS3 The Dragonborn can enter the cell Sibbi is in. To do so, note where the chair is in Sibbi’s cell, and go into the cell next door and get on the bed. Find the chair to select it and the Dragonborn will appear in Sibbi’s cell sitting in his chair.

If you become thane of Solitude there is Jordis. They gave Svana a small quest like most marriage candidates but you still can’t marry her.

Location. Ivarstead is roughly halfway between Riften and Whiterun. It is still within the Rift and is therefore governed by Riften. It is, in fact the only town in Skyrim which is not along a major road travelling between two Hold capitals.

Should I speak to bassianus or Klimmek?

I usually go with Klimmek to be honest, because Bassianus goes to Riften and basically lives in poverty. If you go with Bassianus in the Book of Love quest, then he takes Fastred with him and they both live in poverty.

Is there really 7000 Steps to High Hrothgar?

According to real-time, the path to High Hrothgar is only about 2,000 steps. Going by game-time, it would be more like 45,000 steps. An alternative meaning could be that there are literally 7,000 stairs along the path. Each stair is large enough to take two footsteps to walk over.

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Where is High Hrothgar?


How many miles is 7000 steps?

3.1 miles

Can you kill the greybeards?

Fus Ro Don’t. They don’t die. IIRC, they’re essential and you can’t kill them.

Is there 7000 steps in Skyrim?

The Seven Thousand Steps is an unmarked location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Is walking 7000 steps a day good?

But do you really have to walk this much to be healthy? Experts say that while 10,000 steps a day is a good number to reach, any amount of activity beyond what you’re currently doing will likely benefit your health. To meet the CDC’s recommendation, you need to walk about 7,000 to 8,000 steps a day, Tudor-Locke said.

There is a frost troll that appears on the route to High Hrothgar early on in the game. You don’t have to kill it. Put away your weapons (for increased running speed) and just dash around it and continue on your way. Early on in the game, trying to kill everything you see is a recipe for death.

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