does nordstrom do makeup

If you’re a makeup enthusiast like me, then you know the struggle of finding the perfect place to shop for all your beauty needs. Nordstrom is a popular department store known for its high-quality fashion, but does Nordstrom do makeup? In this article, I will delve into everything you need to know about Nordstrom’s makeup offerings.

The Beauty Department at Nordstrom

Nordstrom boasts an impressive array of beauty products, including makeup from top brands such as MAC, NARS, and Bobbi Brown. The beauty department at Nordstrom is a beauty lover’s paradise, with a wide selection of makeup, skincare, and fragrance products to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a bold new lipstick or a subtle foundation, Nordstrom has you covered.

Makeup Services at Nordstrom

Not only does Nordstrom offer a wide range of makeup products, but they also provide professional makeup services. If you have a special event coming up or simply want to treat yourself to a makeover, Nordstrom’s beauty experts can help you achieve the perfect look. From special occasion makeup to everyday glam, Nordstrom’s makeup artists are skilled in creating stunning looks tailored to your preferences.

Nordstrom Beauty Stylists

One of the standout features of Nordstrom’s beauty department is their team of beauty stylists. These knowledgeable professionals are here to assist you in finding the best makeup products for your individual needs. Whether you’re a makeup novice or a beauty enthusiast, Nordstrom’s beauty stylists can provide personalized recommendations and tips to help you achieve your desired look.

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Exclusive Beauty Events

Nordstrom frequently hosts exclusive beauty events where customers can receive makeup tutorials, skincare consultations, and even free samples. These events are a great opportunity to learn about the latest beauty trends and get expert advice from industry professionals. If you’re a makeup aficionado looking to expand your knowledge and collection, Nordstrom’s beauty events are not to be missed.

Online Makeup Shopping

In addition to their physical stores, Nordstrom also offers a convenient online shopping experience for makeup enthusiasts. You can browse through their extensive selection of makeup products, read customer reviews, and even watch video tutorials to help you make informed purchasing decisions. With Nordstrom’s easy-to-navigate website, you can shop for your favorite makeup brands from the comfort of your own home.

Beauty Rewards Program

Nordstrom’s beauty rewards program is a great incentive for makeup lovers to shop at their stores. By joining the program, you can earn points on your beauty purchases, which can be redeemed for exclusive beauty rewards. This program is perfect for those who are dedicated to building their makeup collection while enjoying fantastic perks along the way.


In conclusion, Nordstrom is a fantastic destination for makeup lovers. With a diverse range of makeup products, professional makeup services, and exclusive beauty events, Nordstrom has everything you need to satisfy your beauty cravings. Whether you prefer to shop in-store or online, Nordstrom provides a seamless shopping experience for all your makeup needs.


1. Can I book a makeup appointment at Nordstrom?

Yes, Nordstrom offers professional makeup services where you can book an appointment with their beauty experts for a personalized makeover.

2. What makeup brands does Nordstrom carry?

Nordstrom carries top makeup brands such as MAC, NARS, Bobbi Brown, and many more.

3. Does Nordstrom offer makeup tutorials?

Yes, Nordstrom frequently hosts exclusive beauty events where customers can receive makeup tutorials and skincare consultations.

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4. Can I earn rewards for purchasing makeup at Nordstrom?

Yes, Nordstrom offers a beauty rewards program where you can earn points on your beauty purchases and redeem them for exclusive rewards.

5. Does Nordstrom have an online makeup shopping option?

Yes, Nordstrom offers a seamless online shopping experience for makeup enthusiasts, allowing you to browse through their extensive selection of products and make informed purchasing decisions.

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