does nordstrom ship to puerto rico

As a fashion enthusiast living in Puerto Rico, I often find myself browsing the Nordstrom website in search of the latest trends and styles. However, one question that constantly crosses my mind is whether Nordstrom ships to Puerto Rico. In this article, I will delve into this topic to provide you with a comprehensive answer.

Understanding Nordstrom’s Shipping Policy

Nordstrom is renowned for its exceptional customer service and high-quality products. However, its shipping policy has been a source of confusion for many individuals residing in areas outside the continental United States. Puerto Rico, as a territory, often falls into this category. To find out whether Nordstrom ships to Puerto Rico, I decided to do some digging.

Shipping to Puerto Rico

After carefully reviewing Nordstrom’s official website and speaking with their customer service team, I am delighted to inform you that Nordstrom does, in fact, ship to Puerto Rico. This means that as a resident of Puerto Rico, you can enjoy the convenience of having your favorite Nordstrom items delivered right to your doorstep.

Benefits of Shopping at Nordstrom

Now that we have established that Nordstrom does ship to Puerto Rico, let’s explore the benefits of shopping at this esteemed retailer. Nordstrom offers an extensive range of clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty products from renowned brands. Whether you’re in search of the perfect cocktail dress or the latest skincare essentials, Nordstrom has you covered.

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Quality and Variety

One of the reasons why I am drawn to Nordstrom is the unparalleled quality and variety of its offerings. From designer labels to contemporary styles, there is something for everyone at Nordstrom. Additionally, the website’s user-friendly interface and detailed product descriptions make the shopping experience a breeze.

Process of Shipping to Puerto Rico

Now that we have established that Nordstrom ships to Puerto Rico and the enticing benefits of shopping at this retailer, let’s take a look at the process of shipping items to Puerto Rico.

Order Placement

When placing an order on Nordstrom’s website, it is essential to ensure that you have selected Puerto Rico as the shipping destination. This will allow the system to calculate any applicable shipping fees and provide you with an estimated delivery date.

Shipping Fees and Delivery Times

Shipping fees and delivery times may vary depending on the items you have purchased and your location in Puerto Rico. It is important to review the shipping information provided at checkout to understand the associated costs and delivery estimates. Nordstrom strives to deliver orders in a timely manner, ensuring that you receive your items promptly.


In conclusion, Nordstrom does indeed ship to Puerto Rico, bringing its exquisite range of fashion and beauty products to individuals living in the territory. With a simple ordering process and reasonable shipping fees, Puerto Rican residents can indulge in the luxury of Nordstrom’s offerings. So, the next time you’re looking to update your wardrobe or beauty routine, rest assured that Nordstrom has you covered, no matter where you are.


1. Does Nordstrom offer international shipping?

No, Nordstrom currently does not offer international shipping. However, it does ship to Puerto Rico, which is classified as a U.S. territory.

2. Are there any restrictions on the items that can be shipped to Puerto Rico?

Nordstrom’s shipping to Puerto Rico encompasses most of its product range, with some exceptions such as hazardous materials and oversized items, which may be subject to shipping restrictions.

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3. How can I track my order once it has been shipped to Puerto Rico?

Upon shipment, Nordstrom will provide you with a tracking number that can be used to monitor the progress of your order as it makes its way to Puerto Rico. You can use this tracking number on the carrier’s website to stay updated on your delivery.

4. Can I return items shipped to Puerto Rico?

Yes, Nordstrom’s standard return policy applies to items shipped to Puerto Rico. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can initiate a return within the specified timeframe and receive a refund or exchange, subject to the terms and conditions.

5. How can I contact Nordstrom’s customer service for further assistance?

If you have any additional questions or require further assistance regarding shipping to Puerto Rico or any other inquiries, you can reach out to Nordstrom’s customer service team via phone, email, or live chat for prompt and helpful support.

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