doordash sucks


Doordash is a food delivery service that promises convenience and reliability. However, my personal experience with Doordash has been anything but positive. In this article, I will share my personal encounters with Doordash and why I believe it falls short of its promises.

Delayed Deliveries

One of the main issues I’ve encountered with Doordash is delayed deliveries. There have been countless times when I’ve ordered food through the app, only to have it arrive much later than the estimated delivery time. This not only leaves me hungry and frustrated, but it also defeats the purpose of using a delivery service for convenience.

Poor Customer Service

When I reached out to customer service to inquire about my delayed deliveries, I was met with unhelpful responses and little to no resolution. It’s frustrating to encounter problems with a service and then receive inadequate support when trying to resolve the issue.

Unreliable Drivers

Another issue I’ve faced with Doordash is the reliability of the drivers. There have been instances where drivers have gone to the wrong address, resulting in further delays and inconvenience. This lack of attention to detail reflects poorly on the overall reliability of the service.

Quality Control

Aside from delayed deliveries and unreliable drivers, the quality of the delivered food has also been an area of concern. In some instances, the food arrived cold, soggy, or even incorrect. This defeats the purpose of using a delivery service in the first place, as the convenience should not come at the cost of quality.

Hidden Fees

One of the most frustrating aspects of using Doordash is the hidden fees that often pop up during the checkout process. It’s disheartening to think you’re paying one price for a meal, only to see additional fees tacked on at the end. This lack of transparency leaves a sour taste in the mouth, both figuratively and literally.

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Overall, my personal experience with Doordash has left much to be desired. The promise of convenience and reliability has not been upheld, and instead, I’ve encountered delayed deliveries, poor customer service, unreliable drivers, and inconsistent food quality. It’s safe to say that Doordash, in my experience, sucks.


1. Is Doordash always late?

Based on my personal experience, Doordash has been consistently late with deliveries, which has been a major source of frustration for me.

2. Are Doordash hidden fees common?

Yes, hidden fees are a common occurrence when using Doordash, and it’s one of the reasons why I’ve been disappointed with the service.

3. Can you trust Doordash drivers?

From my encounters, the reliability of Doordash drivers has been questionable, as I’ve had instances of them going to the wrong address or delivering incorrect orders.

4. Is Doordash customer service helpful?

Unfortunately, based on my experience, Doordash customer service has been unhelpful in resolving issues with delayed deliveries and other concerns.

5. Is Doordash food quality consistent?

Based on my experience, the quality of food delivered through Doordash has been inconsistent, with some orders arriving cold, soggy, or incorrect.

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