How Big Are Blue Whale Lungs?

There is no one answer to this question as the size of blue whale lungs varies depending on the species. However, some estimates put the size of a blue whale’s lungs at up to 100,000 cubic centimeters.

Do whales fart?

No, whales do not fart.

Do crabs have lungs or gills?

Crustaceans, such as crabs, have a hard exoskeleton that they use to breathe.

Does the Pope have 1 lung?

Pope Francis has been quoted as saying that he does not have one lung.

Which lung is the largest?

The largest lung in the body is the lungs of a human.

Does whale have tongue?

No, whales do not have tongues.

Are dolphins fish?

Dolphins are fish, but they have a lot of unique features that make them different from other fish.

Does a blue whale have lungs?

A blue whale does not have lungs, but they do have a layer of blubber that helps them breathe.

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How do whales sleep?

Whales sleep by breathing in and out through their blowholes.

How big is a blue whale stomach?

A blue whale’s stomach is about the size of a dinner plate.

Do blue whales breathe underwater?

Yes, blue whales breathe underwater. They have a special air bladder that allows them to breathe in water.

Do blue whales poop?

There is no answer to this question.

Is a blue whale’s heart?

Yes, a blue whale’s heart is the largest and most powerful organ in their body.

Do whales have big lungs?

No, whales do not have big lungs.

What animal can hold its breath longest?

A seal can hold its breath for up to 18 minutes.

Which animal Cannot breathe in water?

A seal cannot breathe in water.

How big is Megalodon compared to a blue whale?

Megalodon is about twice the size of a blue whale.

How big are the human lungs?

The human lungs are about the size of a grape.

How do whales hold their breath for so long?

Whales can hold their breath for up to 20 minutes without breathing.

How big is a human compared to a blue whale?

A human is about the size of a blue whale.

How big is a blue whale’s tongue?

A blue whale’s tongue is about the size of a human’s thumbnail.

Why do whales explode?

Whales are able to explode because they have a section of their brain that is specifically for explosives.

Are blue whales bigger than dinosaurs?

Yes, blue whales are larger than dinosaurs. The largest blue whale is around 100,000 pounds and the largest dinosaur is around 65,000 pounds.

How do Orcas sleep?

Orcas sleep by playing dead.

How long can whales survive out of water?

There is no definitive answer to this question as whales can only survive for a certain amount of time outside of water. However, some experts believe that a whale can live for up to 50 years out of water.

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Can a whale drown?

Yes, a whale can drown.

How heavy are blue whales lungs?

The lungs of blue whales are the heaviest in the animal kingdom. They are about twice the weight of a human’s and can hold up to twenty times their body weight in air.

Will whales evolve gills?

Yes, whales will evolve gills.

How long can blue whales hold their breath?

Blue whales can hold their breath for around 21 minutes.

Why do we have 2 lungs?

A human has two lungs because they need to breathe. When the air in one lung is exhausted, the person needs to take in air from another lung.

Do fishes can permanently live on land Why?

Some fishes, like the goby, can live in water for extended periods of time, but others, like the salmon, can only live in fresh water for a short time. The reason why some fishes can live in land is because they can use their gills to extract oxygen from the water.

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