How can you tell if a high school diploma is real or fake?

How can you tell if a high school diploma is real or fake?

Feel the texture of the paper of the diploma. Place the diploma between your thumb and index finger to feel how heavy the paper is, as legitimate diplomas are printed on heavyweight paper. The paper should also feel slightly glossy, which is necessary for the document to be preserved over time

How can you tell a fake diploma?

Some of the fake diplomas do have an embossed seal. The picture on the right shows a fake diploma with an official looking seal. Do don’t assume it’s real if you do see the seal, complete the steps. Next, look at the signatures.

Are diplomas actually signed?

They were originally hand-signed. Since the invention of the autopen, though, it is less likely that presidents actually sign the diplomas. It still takes a very long time to get them ” we usually get them a few months after graduation ” but I am pretty sure Obama did not personally sign my diploma.

Can I buy my GED diploma?

You should never be able to buy a GED certificate without taking the test. If you pay to skip the test, then you do not have a legitimate certificate. Do not be confused by having to pay to take the test

One of the best ways to get a fake GED is to go through a professional. A professional diploma maker will offer a variety of design services, including a wide range of designs and templates.

Is it too late to get my diploma?

Regardless of whether you just missed out on graduation last year or 50 years ago, it is never too late or too early to get your high school diploma or equivalency

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Can you graduate with one class left?

Most colleges allow you to participate in the graduation ceremony if you’re only a credit or two short. This allows those who pass with everything sans one course to graduate; this is usually in the form of a supplementary assessment/test/exam to sit.

Can you go to university without a high school diploma?

The GED is designed to provide evidence of an education generally equivalent to that of a high school education, and is commonly accepted in the work force in lieu of a high school diploma. These universities do not require a high school diploma as a prerequisite for enrolling in courses.

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