How did Hiei get the dragon?

How did Hiei get the dragon?

Hiei exposes his arm by removing the magical cloth he keeps his arm wrapped in to perform this powerful maneuver. He then focuses his demonic energy and opens his Jagan Eye as he siphons energy up from the Demon World and forms it into a dark, fiery dragon.

What episode does Hiei use Dragon?

Dragon of the Darkness Flame

Does Hiei lose his arm?

but good strong Hiei, he can’t die just because his arm got chopped off. well, he didn’t really get schooled by Shigure. He actually killed Shigure like how Kurama killed Gourment. it just resulted in Hiei’s arm chopped off.

Is Hiei in love with mukuro?

TL;DR: Mukuro and Hiei fell in love, or at least felt some interest in each other, because they are kindred spirits, both screwed over by life, not really given a chance, and still hugely damaged by that, coping with it by leading decidedly violent lives.

Who killed mukuro?

Chapter 1 ” To Survive However, on a whim, Junko decided to kill her sister for real and Mukuro was brutally impaled by Monokuma with numerous spears, dubbed “Heavenly Spear, Gungnir”. Mukuro impaled by the Spears of Gungnir.

Does Hiei tell Yukina?

When receiving his Jigan Eye from Shigure, the surgeon had Hiei swear never to tell Yukina that he was her brother. Nonetheless, Hiei accepts, revealing that he wasn’t planning to tell Yukina the truth anyway, just that he would find and protect her.

Does Hiei tell his sister?

It was never told. It was never told. Anyway, it wouldn’t make a big difference. Yukina wasn’t really actively looking for her brother after being saved and stayed.

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Does Hiei cry tear gems?

Hiei entered and was among one of the many competitors. Exclusive to the anime, Hiei gives Kurama his tear gem to give to Yukina and to tell her that her brother is dead, to which Kurama makes a joke about not liking him that way and returns it to him saying he must return it on his own.

Are Hiei and Yukina twins?

Hiei and Yukina are twins. In the series the Snow women didn’t need a father to have daughters. So when their mother had twins and one of them was male they knew he was from a forbidden relationship.

Are Hiei and Yukina half siblings?

Because Hiei is Yukina’s twin, he is somewhere between that age range as well. After Yukina is rescued from Tarukane, Hiei states that they are “only half siblings” and that they have different mothers.

Who is the mother of Hiei?


Can Hiei beat Toguro?

There’s no way. Even IF (And that’s a big if) absorbing the dragon put Hiei on Toguro’s level, the technique doesn’t last long enough. That’s not nearly enough time to put down Toguro.

Is Hiei a bad guy?

In the end, Hiei goes from being a one-note villain at the beginning of the series to being a valuable member of Team Urameshi and then being tasked with escorting lost humans out of the demon world. Though he never truly loses his killer instinct, it is still one giant step above the villain he was at the start.

Does Yukina end up with Kuwabara?

Yusuke and Kuwabara reunited with her and Keiko and Yukina finally returns her feelings to Kuwabara. In the end, she is seen with Kuwabara, Keiko and Yusuke while they are on the beach.

Is Kuwabara Yusuke uncle?

Kazuma Kuwabara (‘原’真, Kuwabara Kazuma), more commonly known by his last name as Kuwabara, is one of the main protagonists of the series, along with Yusuke Urameshi, Kurama & Hiei. He is the younger brother of Shizuru Kuwabara.

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What class demon is Yusuke?

Why did they stop making Yu Yu Hakusho?

For perspective, Togashi worked on Yu Yu Hakusho from 24 to 27. He ended it because the physical, mental, and emotional strain of weekly Jump deadlines killed his interest in going any further.

Is Yu Yu Hakusho still good?

Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the best anime ever created. Its a legendary shonen icon which many fantastic elements to it which make it amazing. For this review I´m going to be covering the anime, because due to the ending in the anime being superior, I would say that the anime is slightly better than its manga counterpart.

Who does Yusuke Urameshi end up with?


How strong is Yusuke at the end?

End Yusuke was one of the most powerful beings in his universe, and that’s really overlooked by a lot of people. No, he wasn’t as strong as the Demon Kings, but they had centuries upon centuries longer to train than he did, and even though he was mostly human, Yusuke still came close. He was absolutely incredible.

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