How did Imogen Herondale die?

How did Imogen Herondale die?

When he noticed Imogen trying to reach for a seraph blade, he went on to fatally stab her and then cut off her thumb, needing her clearance”which her thumbprint would give”to gain access to the Cemetery of the Disgraced. Just before she died, she managed to send a fire-message to Alec about Jace.

Who is Jace Wayland real father?

Stephen Herondale

What happens to Jace after he comes back from the dead?

After both found out, however, Jace was killed while protecting Clary from Valentine. Clary then asked the angel Raziel, who was obliged to grant her one wish, to bring him back to life.

What does Jace Herondale smell like?

He smells of spice, mint, and leather. The protagonist Nora Grey describes him as the embodiment of “masculine perfection” and insists that he “radiates mystery.” If the mystery is what he does with his time, I would guess it was cooking in a Harley Davidson jacket.

What does Clary Fray smell like?

“Clary Fairchild. Scent profile: Metallic copper, apples, blossoms, sunshine, paper, wood, ginger, pepper, rain, basil, sage, cedar, amber, patchouli, redwood, suede, citrus, rose, geranium, jasmine, grapefruit, honeysuckle, crisp greenery, and hints of musk.

Does Clary and Jace have a baby?

It has been 5 hours now, since Clary woke up with intense pains in her lower stomach, her labor had been fairly short but intense and only a few moments ago, Clary gave birth to her baby, comfortable and relaxed in her and Jace’s bed.

Does Clary get pregnant in Shadow Hunters?

In this story Clary realises she pregnant but this is no normal pregnancy. Clary and Jace try and come to terms with the truth but it seams a much darker presence is hiding in the shadows putting everyone at risk. Clary’s pregnancy takes a strange turn when her baby develops much faster than it should.

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Who killed Jonathan Morgenstern?

demon, Mirek, to retrieve the Morgenstern family sword. The demon taunted him about not wanting to give him the sword, then claimed to have already sold it. When the demon wouldn’t tell him to whom, Jonathan killed him. Jonathan then felt a twinge of pain and rushed outside, realizing that someone was hurting Clary.

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