How did the rats impact the environment on Easter Island?

How did the rats impact the environment on Easter Island?

Around 1400 the Easter Island palm became extinct due to overharvesting and as Hunt argues, Polynesian rats, which severely reduced the palm’s capacity to reproduce by eating its seeds. Soon land birds went extinct and migratory bird numbers were severely reduced, thus spelling an end for Easter Island’s forests.

What was the role played by rats rodents in Easter Island?

Exactly how rats got on to the island is not known, although one theory is that they arrived as stowaways in the first canoes of Polynesian colonists. Once they arrived, the rats found palm nuts offered an almost unlimited high-quality food supply.

Why did Easter Island society collapse?

A series of devastating events killed almost the entire population of Easter Island in the 1860s. Such devastating events that contributed to the downfall and collapse of the Easter Island society can be attributed to the rapid deforestation during the time of moai-construction.

What happened to all the palm trees on Easter Island?

It’s believed the trees were cut down by the ancestors of today’s Easter Islanders in order to transport the giant stone statues ” the Moai ” as well as to build canoes, houses and fires to burn the dead. Diamond says the last tree was probably felled in the 1600s ” and led to Easter Island’s downfall.

How do I permanently get rid of rats in my house?

These include…

Can I sleep with my rats?

He will chew up your sheets, your blankets, your pillows and your pajamas, and quite possibly your headboard and anything you keep on your nightstands. So yes, you CAN let your rat sleep on your bed, but you probably shouldn’t.

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How do you tell if your rat loves you?

10 Signs That Your Pet Rat Likes You

Why does my rat pee on me?

Familiarity. Your rat also may pee on you as a way of becoming familiar with you. Rats like their environment to smell like them; and this helps them to become comfortable and confident in their surroundings. In this way, a rat is likely to pee with each new encounter, or being in a location/area for the first time.

Why does my rat bite me softly?

Rats play-fight a lot. If he bites fingers pushed through the bars, he thinks the fingers are treats. Gentle nibbling which doesn’t hurt in the least is not going to turn into biting. Your rat is just being inquisitive, trying to catch your attention or showing affection, and you do not need to do anything.

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