How do I check my IU application status?

How do I check my IU application status?

To check the status of your application

How long does it take to hear back from IU?

Students generally receive an admission notification two to three weeks after all application materials have been received by our office. All applications submitted after this date will be considered on a space-available, case-by-case basis.

What are my chances of getting into IU?

The acceptance rate at Indiana University Bloomington is 77.9%. In other words, of 100 students who apply, 78 are admitted. This means the school is not selective. As long as you don’t fall way below average, you’ll likely get in.

Is Indiana University rolling admissions?

The application deadline is rolling and the application fee at Indiana University”Bloomington is $65.

How much does it cost to apply to IU?

How much is the application fee for Apply IU? The application fee for Apply IU typically ranges from $35 to $65, depending on the campus and program you choose. A fee is not required if you have previously applied (within the same term) for undergraduate admission at any Indiana University campus.

What are the requirements to get into IU?

You must earn a diploma from an accredited high school (or must have completed the Indiana High School Equivalency Diploma) to be eligible for admission consideration. Students who are homeschooled or attend an alternative school should submit credentials that demonstrate equivalent levels of achievement and ability.

Is IU test optional?

About test-optional admissions. IU Bloomington has adopted a test-optional admissions policy beginning with the 2021 terms. The test-optional admissions policy allows students to choose at the point of application whether to have SAT or ACT test scores considered as part of the application.

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