How do I convert text to target graphic?

How do I convert text to target graphic?

With SmartArt, you can quickly convert text into a nice looking graphic. Just select your text, select Home > Convert to SmartArt, and then select the SmartArt you like. Some options also allow you to add pictures. Select Convert to Smart Art, More SmartArt Graphics, Picture, and then select the option you like.

How do I make graphics in Word?

On the Insert menu, select SmartArt Graphic. On the SmartArt tab of the ribbon, in the Insert SmartArt Graphic group, select at the type of graphic you want (List, Process, etc.), and then select a layout. Enter your text by doing one of the following: Click [Text] in the Text pane, and then type your text.

How to Quickly Create Effective Designs

How do I convert existing text to SmartArt?

Converting Existing Text to SmartArt

Can you convert shapes to SmartArt?

After you split your SmartArt graphic into individual shapes, you cannot convert the shapes back to a SmartArt graphic. Click the SmartArt graphic that you want to break apart. Under SmartArt Tools, on the Design tab, in the Reset group, click Convert, and then click Convert to Shapes.

How do I turn an image into a SmartArt?

Select a SmartArt option with pictures, and then insert your pictures.

How do you convert a bulleted list to a SmartArt graphic?

Select the Bulleted list. Click the Convert to SmartArt button. If none of the displayed SmartArt graphics are appropriate, click More SmartArt Graphics. Select the desired style and click OK, the list will be converted to a SmartArt graphic.

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6. Click in the left Vertical Box List and paste in your bulleted list by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-V. 7. After the bulleted text has been inserted, click on the SmartArt Tools Design tab and choose from the SmartArt Styles gallery or format manually using the Format tab.

How do you insert a basic block list in SmartArt?

Create a vertical block list

Does SmartArt graphic enhance the look of the text in a presentation?

A SmartArt graphic is a visual representation of your information and ideas. You create one by choosing a layout that fits your message. Some layouts (such as organization charts and Venn diagrams) portray specific kinds of information, while others simply enhance the appearance of a bulleted list.

How do you add text to Level 2 in PowerPoint?

On the left-hand side of the PowerPoint window, click a slide thumbnail that you want to add bulleted or numbered text to. On the slide, select the lines of text in a text placeholder or table that you want to add bullets or numbering to. On the HOME tab, in the Paragraph group, click Bullets or Numbering.

What are the eight types of SmartArt graphics?

Layout types. The Choose a SmartArt Graphic gallery displays all available layouts broken into eleven different types ” All, List, Process, Cycle, Hierarchy, Relationship, Matrix, Pyramid, Picture,, and Other.

Under Drawing Tools, on the Format tab, in the Shape Styles group, click Shape Effects, and then do one of the following:

How do you change the width and height of a text box in Word?

To change the size of an existing text box, follow these steps:

How do I change the shape of a text box in Word?

To change the text box shape:

How do I fill a shape with color in Word?

Click Shape Fill, and under Theme Colors, pick the color you want. Select the shape or text box. On the Drawing Tools Format tab, click Shape Fill > More Fill Colors. In the Colors box, either click the color you want on the Standard tab, or mix your own color on the Custom tab.

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How do you fill an object with words?

Make sure the Format tab of the Ribbon is displayed. Click the down-arrow next to the Shape Fill tool in the Shape Styles group. Word displays a list of options you can select. Select the color you want to use to fill the object.

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