How do I get the sluice gate key in ff12?

How do I get the sluice gate key in ff12?

You must have completed the Wraith Hunt (to get the White Mousse Hunt) and White Mousse Hunt (to get the Sluice Gate Key). Go to the Central Waterway Control (CWC, area with the 4 pillars, lights, and Save Crystal). Close Gates 3 and 10, enter No. 3 Cloaca Spur and flip the Gate Control there.

How do you get to the Garamsythe waterway?

The Garamsythe Waterway spans the underneath of the city, and is accessed via Lowtown. After the Esper Zalera is defeated deep within the Barheim Passage, a zoning point to the waterway becomes available.

What is the best class for penelo?

Penelo’s sweet and naive nature tends to make her a popular white mage candidate among players. While the white mage is usually the first choice for Penelo, her other stats appear to point towards something strength-driven.

Why did Basch kill Reks?

The reason they did this didn’t actually have alot to do with Basch, they simply wanted to kill the king so they didn’t have to honor any deals. They simply owned Dalmasca now. Framing Basch for the crime simply gave them an easy scapegoat so people didn’t think they lured the King to peace talks and then killed him.

Did reks die in ff12?

Reks dies in the very beginning of the game. He is killed by the person he believes to be Basch, but you later find out it was his twin brother.

Is reks alive ff12?

Reks dies of his wounds, never knowing that the man truly responsible was Basch’s twin brother, Gabranth, and that the scheme had been orchestrated by Vayne Solidor.

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Did reks survive?

Reks survived the initial stabbing. He did not die in that room. He survived long enough to corroborate the version of events told by the Empire. The scene with Vaan talking to him was Reks in some kind of hospital room.

Is reks Vaan brother?

Reks is a minor character in Final Fantasy XII. Vaan’s elder brother, he fights to protect what little family he has left. Reks is the playable character during the game’s prologue that works as a tutorial.

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