How do I get to the Mayan outfit in Tulum?

How do I get to the Mayan outfit in Tulum?

Activate Eagle Vision and then simply align the shapes with the landscape to reveal the location of a Mayan Stone From there, jump down and dig out the Mayan Stone You’ll need to collect 16 Mayan Stones in order to unlock the Mayan Outfit that is hidden in Tulum

What are the Mayan stones for in Black Flag?

Mayan Stelaes are found throughout the Assassins Creed Black Flag world, there are 16 in total to collect and they offer a prize at the end of a set of Mayan armour with the ability to deflect any projectile aimed at the played

Which is better Templar armor or Mayan?

Well the Templar Armor gives you 25 percent damage resistance from everything, while the Mayan Armor makes you immune to bullets In general I think the Templar Armor is more useful since it has a broader range of protection

What happens when you find all the Mayan stones in Assassin’s Creed 4?

Reward Mayan Stelae AC IV: Black Flag Guide The Aztec bulletproof vest After you have obtained all of the stones, you need to go to Tulum to the door that you have visited with Kidd, on the North-Western side of the location It is marked on the map

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Where is the last Mayan stone?

The last Mayan stone is in an area that is not opened to you until near the end of the main plotline

Where is the Mayan outfit?


How do I get Mayan armor?

Once all 16 puzzles have been solved, you need to travel to Tulum There will be a marker on your map, saying “Mayan Outfit” Go there and open up the door to unlock the Vault Raider trophy / achievement, along with this new and unique outfit

Where are all of the Mayan stones in ac4?

Mayan Stelas are scattered throughout the map, usually one per island (Cape Bonavista, Cat Island, Great Inagua, Tulum, Tortuga, Matanzas, New Bone and Long Bay), but on some islands you can find two Stelas: Pinos Isle, Misteriosa, Santanillas and Isla Providencia

What does the Templar armor do in ac4?

The Templar armor will give you a defensive boost Edward can don a variety of armor found throughout Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, but one of the best is the Templar armor, which drastically increases his defense, allowing him to take far less damage compared to his normal gear

How many Mayan stelae are there?

16 Mayan Stelae

When can I get the Mayan outfit?

The Mayan Armor you have to wait until about Sequence 10, when the last location with Mayan Stelae opens up

Where is Tulum ac4?

Mayan Stela #7: Tulum (70, 405) It’s on the western edge of the ruins

Where are the Mayan stones in Black Flag?

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Mayan stela locations guide

How do you find a social treasure in Black Flag?

Social Treasure

Where is the treasure in Great Inagua?

The treasure is close to a big house, and in a swampy area You have to drop down a little ledge of rocks There is also a tree that appears to grow out of the swamp, diagonally Your reward is Reales and design plans for grey sails

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How do you get all the chests in Great Inagua?

User Info: jordv10 The 2 chests at the south end of Great Inagua can be obtained by going to the southern beach and climbing the perch pole of the wrecked boat Then, just continue up the wall and both chests will be right there

How do I get Edward the legend outfit?

Edward The Legend Outfit ” You can purchase it for 20 UPlay Points The Vengeful Daughter Pack ” You can purchase it for 40 UPlay Points The Blades of Toledo Pack ” You can purchase it for 30 UPlay Points

Is the Templar armor in AC4 Shay’s?

The Templar Armor in AC4 and Shay’s outfit in the latest screenshots for Rogue look strikingly similar to each other IMO Besides some slight differences in coloration and some slightly different accessories (the biggest being the cross on Shay’s chest, absent in Edward’s), the outfits look a lot alike

Where is black island in Assassin’s Creed 4?

the Bahamas

How do you get the pirate outfit in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag?

Obtained via a code shipped with Haytham’s figurine, or by ordering Edward Kenway: The Assassin Pirate figurine Edward acquired the outfit from a chest in the Great Inagua treasure room

How do you get Ezio outfit in AC4?

Unlockable Altair, Ezio, and Connor outfits

What is sacrifice island in AC4?

Sacrifice Island is an island in the Conttoyor region of the Caribbean, located along the northern coast of Mexico

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