How do I send resources in Evony?

How do I send resources in Evony?

To transport resource to other allies, go to map mode, type the city coordinates where you want to send the transport. Click on the city, then click transport. Select the amount of workers or transporters who will carry the resource.

How do you send gifts in Evony?

To send a gift you go to the Facebook toolbar and click on the friend you want to send a gift to. You will then be taken to the Evony Facebook application and you can choose the gift you want to send.

How do you get wood in Evony?

Acquisition. Lumber is produced by Sawmills, but it can also be won on the Wheel of Fortune, or farming NPCs for resources.

Can you send gems in Evony?

I’m sorry, but gems cannot be gifted to another player. However, if your friend lives in the USA you can gift them a $20 EA game card that is good for 275 gems. Best Buy sends the EA card for free and Walmart will email you the code, or even email the code to your friend as a gift.

How do you farm gems in Evony?

How to get 23,000 Gems in a Week

How do you get gems in evony Kings return?

Evony The King’s Return Free Gems. There are four main ways of acquiring gems. Quests, Monarch Events, Daily Awards and Gathering. The easiest of the four being gathering.

What does VIP time do in Evony?

And it will offer you the following benefits: Free Construction Speed UP of 32 minutes. All resources production +18%, Free Tax Times +5 with Stamina Recovery Speed of +25%. The Construction Speed will increase by 16%.

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How do you get more marches in Evony?

You can achieve one more March Slot by researching Formation, Adv Dispatch, and Super Adv Dispatch from the Military tree. Also by researching Legion Expansion under the Military Advance tree. Furthermore, you can activate VIP status level 5 or above.

How do you find your lucky in State of survival?

Like any hero in State of Survival, Lucky is unlocked via fragments to be unlocked and/or purchased via a VIP pass. To do this, first select Lucky from the list of heroes. By clicking on the “more” icon available on the Lucky screen, you will be taken to the screen where you can get the VIP Kits.

Who is the strongest hero in state of survival?

What do you get when you put a smartphone-addicted child and a black dog in one team? You get one of the strongest heroes in State of Survival, Maddie & Frank. This inseparable duo is a good choice for increasing your Rally Troop Attack. Maddie & Frank can also be used on explorer missions.

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