How do you calculate general lighting load?

How do you calculate general lighting load?

General lighting and receptacle loads Table 220.12 in the National Electrical Code considers a residence a listed occupancy at 3 VA per square foot; therefore, the general lighting load is determined by multiplying the square footage. For example, 2,800 square feet times 3 VA is 8,400 VA.

How many percent of total VA of the calculating lighting load are hospitals now required to include?

For example, dwelling units will be required to have the first 3,000 VA of lighting loads taken at 100 percent, from 3,001″120,000 VA at 35 percent and the reminder over 120,000 VA at 25 percent. For hospitals, the first 50,000 VA are taken at 40 percent and the remainder over 50,000 VA at 20 percent.

What is the general lighting load for a 100000 square foot hospital?

30,000 volt- amperes

How do you calculate residential electrical load?

Compare the wattage of your air conditioner and furnace. Since you only use one at a time, add only the larger wattage rating to your equation. Divide the resulting number of watts by volts (most homes use 220 volts) to get the number of amps, or the electrical load.

What is the unit load per ft2 for the general lighting load of a residence?

The standard method consists of three calculation steps: General lighting VA load. When calculating branch circuits and feeder/service loads for dwellings, include a minimum 3VA per sq ft for general lighting and general-use receptacles [220.12]. When determining the area, use the outside dimensions of the dwelling.

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How many outlets can you run on a 12 2 circuit?

For general use receptacles, In commercial buildings it is limited to 180VA per duplex or single receptacle, therefore on a 12/2 Romex cable not otherwise subject to ampacity derating and protected by a 20 amp circuit breaker, that would allow a maximum of 13 receptacles.

How many lights can I put on one switch?

The basics of light switch wiring There is no limit to the number of lights on a circuit. The load of the fixtures is what determines how many lights a circuit can accommodate.

How many LEDS can you put on a circuit?

The limit is 12, unless you are installing devices that have a known load. In the case of a LED light which is hardwired in, or a smoke alarm, you can put as many of these devices on the circuit providing you don’t exceed the 80% load.

How many watts can I run off a 20 amp breaker?

2,400 watts

How much does it cost to install a dedicated 20 amp circuit?

So your looking at about $720 for a licensed electrician to do the entire job for you, materials and labor, that’s an approximation. If you get a bid for $500, I would take it. Word of advice never hire an electrician that charges by the hour, never hire anyone that charges by the hour!

How many watts is 30 amps?

3,600 watts

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