How do you create an alliance in Evony?

How do you create an alliance in Evony?

To join an alliance, the person must have an embassy. There, the player can apply for an alliance or accept an invitation. Some people will make their own alliance though (costs 10,000 gold and requires a Level 2 Embassy).

How do I migrate my evony account to my old test server?

Select the server you want to move.

How do I upgrade Alliance banner to Alliance City?

To upgrade the alliance flag to an alliance city, you should meet the requirements to build the alliance city. Your Alliance should beat the set time before it gets destroyed. If the set time says 24 hours, you should get your construction time to less than 24 hours.

Can alliance warehouse be attacked Evony?

This a safe resource spot where alliance members can gather one resource. (Gathering here does not count towards Resource Gathering Event) This spot is safe and no enemies can attack this spot. It holds 300 Million resources of one type, and you can build a new one whenever you want.

How do you increase Alliance rank in Evony?

How do u raise your alliance ranking? You get everyone in your alliance to grow. If they level their keep, buildings, build troops and traps your alliance power ranking will grow. In case you haven’t noticed alliance power ranking takes the power of every individual in the alliance and adds up all the power.

How do you move up Alliance rank?

Your Alliance Ranking can only be changed by your Leader or by another member who is two or more ranks higher than you. If you are two or more ranks higher than an ally then you have the power to promote or demote them.

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Cultivate. Cultivating a general is a smaller stepping stone to increasing base stats. It costs 6,000 gold or 20 gems to cultivate a general. You can also cultivate 10x for 200 gems, in which you select which attributes you want to increase.

How do you get diamonds in Evony?

The most effective time to gather gems is when you’re sleeping as you can gather gems for over 24 hours without having to recall. If you have VIP over level 5 and advanced dispatch you can have 4 marches out at a time collecting whilst you sleep and in the morning waking up to over 600 gems(150 per march).

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