How do you get a free passport in Fallout New Vegas?

How do you get a free passport in Fallout New Vegas?

The passport can be obtained by completing G.I. Blues quests for the Kings located in Freeside. On completion of the quest The King gives you a couple options for a reward, one of them is to get a free passport at Mick and Ralph’s store located by Freeside’s East Gate.

How much does it cost to get into the Strip New Vegas?

It can be acquired for 375 with a Barter check of 50, or for free with high enough NCR reputation. A passport can be acquired for free and without needing to pass the Speech check by completing the G.I. Blues quest given by The King and choosing access to the Strip as the favor.

How do you get a strip passport?

It can be bought from Ralph at Mick & Ralph’s, a shop located close to Freeside’s east gate. It costs 500 bottle caps, or 375 if a Barter check of 50 is passed. The passport can also be obtained as one of the King’s favors at the end of the quest G.I. Blues.

What happens if you kill the king Fallout New Vegas?

User Info: SurvivorType. Just follow the questline along to have the Kings end tensions with the NCR peacefully. If done correctly, Pacer will go nuts and start shooting in the Kings area, and then he will be killed by everyone else with no penalty to you.

Where is the backstage key in dead money?

Just in front of the stage, there is a music stand with some Mentats and purified water on the ground. Grab the sheet music (Vera Keyes’ partitures), which will also provide the backstage key. As soon as the Courier has the key, Dean Domino will appear on a gantry above the stage for a conversation.

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Is Arcade Gannon a good companion?

Arcade is the most intelligent companion, with an Intelligence of 10, and is the most charismatic companion, with a Charisma of 6. Arcade is noticeably taller than most non-player characters, as well as the Courier.

Who is the best companion in Fallout NV?

Cassidy is one of the best companions in Fallout: New Vegas and it’s no surprise that so many wastelanders would love to have her fighting by their side. Cassidy is skilled with the use of ballistic weapons.

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