How do you get the mystic key?

How do you get the mystic key?

You bring the Crown to Astos, a castle up north from the marsh cave, who is also a boss (heal up before). He’ll have the crystal eye, that you bring to Matoya in a cave north of Cornelia. She’ll give you a Jolt Tonic to wake up the Elf Prince, who will give you the Mystic Key.

Where is Elfland in Final Fantasy?


How do you beat Astros in ff1?

To defeat him, physical attackers should use Attack while Hasted, as this is the first battle in which the player is likely to have access to Haste. Red and White Mages should spread around NulBolt and NulFire, and heal where necessary.

How do you beat Astros?

Fire the bow at the dynamite on his nose to start the fight. The dragon will fire three volleys of cannons towards you. A collision with one of the bullets will kill Astro immediately.

How do you get the crown in ff1?

The unnamed King in the Northwest Castle requests that you bring him the CROWN from the Marsh Cave. It can be found on floor B3, guarded by a group of WIZARDS.

Where is the herb in Final Fantasy?


Where is the Northwest Castle in Final Fantasy?

The Western Keep is a location from the original Final Fantasy. It is located northwest of Elfheim.

Where is matoya Final Fantasy?

Matoya’s Cave is a location in the original Final Fantasy. It is the abode of the witch Matoya, and is located northeast of Cornelia.

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How do I get to matoya’s cave?

According to Y’shtola, the cave in which Matoya resides is situated on the southern edge of the Dravanian hinterlands. Follow the road south through the Answering Quarter, ford the stream when you come to a broken bridge, and rejoin your companions at the base of a bluff.

How do I get my 1994 throwback?

Walkthrough. 1994 throwback appears as a gray cube in the basement of CPU Plaza, but after completing the four main stage (Cooling Springs, GPU Jungle, SSD Speedway and Memory Meadow) the ancient symbols will appear on the cube and open it up scaring the Bots.

How do you unlock a 1994 throwback?

Remember, you unlock 1994 Throwback by clearing all the four main areas: Memory Meadow, SSD Speedway, Cooling Springs and GPU Jungle.

Where do I go after getting mystic key?

Once you’ve obtained the CRYSTAL, the hard part of the mystic KEY quest is over. Head back to ElfLand to rest, then hop on your ship and head north. There is a dock north of Coneria which is the most convenient place to disembark on your journey to Matoya’s Cave.

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