How do you start a second paragraph?

How do you start a second paragraph?

Topic Sentence (always the first sentence in your body paragraph) ” It introduces your readers to your second example. In body paragraph #2, state the second point in support of the thesis. For example, your topic sentence for body #2 could read, “Music almost always helps students to relax in school.”

What words can I use to start a body paragraph?

51 Useful Transition Words

What are the 4 types of text structure?

How do authors organize the texts that they write? This lesson teaches five common text structures used in informational and nonfiction text: description, sequence, cause and effect, compare and contrast, and problem and solution.

How do you identify a problem and solution in text structure?

In order to identify the problem and solution structure in a text, the reader needs to look for signal words and phrases such as:

How do you identify a solution?

Here are seven-steps for an effective problem-solving process.

What is a problem and solution paragraph?

A problem-solution paragraph identifies a problem, or problems, and recommends a plausible solution(s). Use a topic sentence to explore the paragraph’s main idea, or claim (the problem that will be explored). Provide a description of the problem for the reader. Provide a description of the solution(s) for the reader.

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