How do you use conscious in a sentence?

How do you use conscious in a sentence?

Conscious sentence example

What is conscious decision?

A conscious decision or action is made or done deliberately with you giving your full attention to it. I don’t think we ever made a conscious decision to have a big family.

What does conscious effort mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English conscious effort/decision/attempt etcan effort etc that is deliberate and intended Vivien had made a conscious effort to be friendly. Just lately I have made a conscious effort to really look at the book. …

What does it mean to not be conscious?


What does it mean to make an effort?

Filters. To try; to work towards a goal.

What is the difference between conscience and conscientious?

The word “conscience” (pronounced KAHN-shuhns) is a noun that refers to a person’s recognition of the difference between right and wrong. “Conscientious” means careful, painstaking, or governed by conscience.

When a person doesn’t have a conscious?

“Sociopath” is a term people use, often arbitrarily, to describe someone who is apparently without conscience. In most cases, it’s a description blithely tossed out to label a person as being either hateful or hate-worthy.

Are any animals Sapient?

Sapience is sometimes simply defined as wisdom. WDC argues that whales and dolphins are sentient AND sapient individuals. Many of these species live in complex social groups, exhibiting complex behaviours such as cooperation, tool use and some whales and dolphins clearly even have their own cultures.

In what language do animals think?

The one that comes immediately to mind is language. “Animals have interesting thoughts, but the only way they can convey them is by grunts, shrieks, and other vocalizations, and by gestures,” Hauser points out. “When humans evolved speech, they liberated the kinds of thoughts nonhumans have.

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Do dogs think in words or barks?

So how do dogs think? Dogs don’t read or write, so they don’t think in words and symbols the way humans do. However, they can certainly be taught to recognise symbols and words and the actions associated with them, but this is done through very careful training and isn’t their natural state.

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