How does Tartuffe relate to the Enlightenment?

How does Tartuffe relate to the Enlightenment?

Tartuffe uses the Zeitgeist of the Enlightenment to prove his point; the word “think” echoes Descarte’s cogito ergo sum ” I think, therefore I am ” the centerpiece of the Enlightenment and its privileging of the individual’s reason over emotion and passion. His use of it, however, is ironic.

What does Tartuffe represent?

The character of Tartuffe represents those members of society who preach religious piety but do not themselves live by the morals they try to force upon others.

Which character is the voice of reason in Tartuffe?


What role does cleante play Tartuffe?

The brother of Elmire (and brother-in-law of Orgon), Cléante represents the height of reason and good sense. Throughout the play he attempts to counsel his brother-in-law against Tartuffe, but is inevitably ignored or even scolded.

What are the four main themes in the play Tartuffe that are mentioned in this video?

Tartuffe Themes

What type of play is Tartuffe?


The main theme of Tartuffe is hypocrisy”pretending to be something one is not or claiming to believe something one does not. Some characters in the play are knowingly hypocrites”Tartuffe, the invisible Laurent, and Monsieur Loyal. Other characters”such as Orgon and his mother”do not recognize their own hypocrisy.

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TARTUFFE, a hypocrite, is a superb scoundrel who can don any pose and become a master of it. As a religious ascetic, he convinces Orgon and Madame Pernelle that he is a devoutly pious and humble man; his obvious hypocrisy, however, is apparent to the audience.

Is Tartuffe a comedy or tragedy?

Tartuffe is very much a play of the world, a satiric comedy. Set in an urban landscape, the play insistently translates the idealized passions of tragedy and romantic comedy”love, honor, loyalty”into their ironic counterparts”lust, hypocrisy, betrayal.

What makes Tartuffe funny?

Tartuffe is a five-act stage comedy that satirizes religious hypocrisy. To win the laughter of the audience, the author infuses the play with witty dialogue, caricature, situation comedy, and irony. The setting is a middle-class home in Paris.

Why was Tartuffe banned by the church?

King Louis XIV issued a ban against the public performance of Moliere’s Tartuffe because of its depiction of a member of the clergy as an impostor and a hypocrite. …

Why is Orgon so fooled by Tartuffe?

Tartuffe is psychologically messing with Orgon’s mind. He confuses Orgon because Tartuffe should not be defending Damis and because he is, that makes Orgon think that Tartuffe is telling the truth and not Damis.

Who saves the day at the end of Tartuffe?

King Louis XIV

How does Tartuffe end?

In short, the King is a world-class wise man. He puts everything in its right place. Not only does he nail Tartuffe for the stuff he’s done to Orgon, but he also exposes Tartuffe’s criminal past.

Why is Damis so furious when he hears the way Tartuffe is speaking to Elmire?

They are opinionated and want to give advice. Why is Damis so furious when he hears the way Tartuffe is speaking to Elmire? Tartuffe is romantically advancing on Elmire.

Why is Madame Pernelle leaving the household? Because she is upset that no one listens to her , She thinks that the family behaves badly. Prior to Scenne IV, a difference of opinion pits Madame P against the rest of Orgon’s family.

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Dorine mocks Orgon when he is unable to convince Madame Pernelle that Tartuffe is a fraud. Monsieur Loyal threatens to call the police on Dorine when she makes a snide comment.

What act does Tartuffe first appear?

Tartuffe: Summary & Analysis Act I Scene 1 | Tartuffe Play Summary & Study Guide | CliffsNotes.

Who does Tartuffe want to marry?


What was Moliere’s real name?

Jean-Baptiste Poquelin

How does Tartuffe relate to today?

The way I see it, Tartuffe is relevant to today’s society because we still live in a world of Religious Hypocracy. Tartuffe is a story of Orgon’s foolishness and how he is dooped by the Religious Hypocrite Tartuffe.

What does Molière mean?

sophisticated comedies

What is the name of the 1st National Theatre in France which is still in existence today?

Ford’s Theatre

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