How far is Odessa from Houston?

How far is Odessa from Houston?

533 miles

How many hours is Houston to Ukraine?

Flying time from Houston, TX to Kiev, Ukraine The total flight duration from Houston, TX to Kiev, Ukraine is 12 hours, 30 minutes.

How far is Odessa from Austin?

294.64 miles

Is Odessa near Dallas?

There are 331.57 miles from Dallas to Odessa in southwest direction and 352 miles (566.49 kilometers) by car, following the I-20 route. Dallas and Odessa are 5 hours 52 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop . This is the fastest route from Dallas, TX to Odessa, TX.

What is Odessa Texas famous for?

Odessa is known for its cowboy culture, the legion of oil rigs that stand on top of dusty plains, and Friday Night Lights, a book and film based on one of the town’s high school football teams. Yet there’s more to this West Texas town than meets the eye.

Is Odessa TX dangerous?

In 2015, cities in west Texas emerged as the most dangerous places in the state with Odessa taking the top spot. A report in Texas Monthly said Odessa’s violent crime rate of 806 incidents per 100,000 was by far the highest in Texas. However, the city does not have the highest murder rate.

What is the most dangerous city in Texas 2020?

According To FBI Statistics, These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Texas For 2020

Why is Odessa so dangerous?

Odessa is on the major artery where drugs come in from Mexico and are distributed to the rest of the country. As such, there is a pretty big drug problem there, especially methamphetamine and, to a lesser extent, black tar heroin.

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Is Odessa TX a safe city?

Odessa is in the 32nd percentile for safety, meaning 68% of cities are safer and 32% of cities are more dangerous. This analysis applies to Odessa’s proper boundaries only. See the table on nearby places below for nearby cities. The rate of crime in Odessa is 35.43 per 1,000 residents during a standard year.

What is life like in Odessa Texas?

Odessa is a very labor intensive city, it is afterall, an oil field city. Theres not much diversity in ways of thinking and ways of life. It was a nice place to grow up in and while they do have some options for higher education, the things you can become or do are limited.

Is Odessa a nice place to live?

With sunny skies, affordable costs of living and a staggeringly-low unemployment rate, this West Texas city is a great place to call home in the Lone Star State.

What is the cost of living in Odessa Texas?

Odessa cost of living is 88.0

Is Odessa Texas a good place to retire?

Retirees find Odessa is a great place to live because of its low cost of living, affordable housing, a variety of churches, excellent health care, and an abundance of attractions all within a safe environment. There are plenty of opportunities for retirees to get involved in Odessa.

What is the closest major city to Odessa Texas?

Major cities near Odessa, TX

What does Odessa mean?

Odessa as a girl’s name is of Greek origin meaning “angry man”. The Russian port of Odessa was supposedly named for “The Odyssey”.

What is a nickname for Odessa?

Nicknames: Odie, Dess, Dessa.

Is Odessa water safe to drink?

It’s a hot topic, water in Midland and Odessa. Some people don’t trust drinking from the tap but the cities recently released their water quality reports and the water is safe to drink.

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