How many gears does a 1999 CR125 have?


How many gears does a 1999 CR125 have?

Transmission: Five-speed, wet clutch. Suspension: 12.1-inch Kayaba 46mm upside-down forks and 12.6-inch Kayaba shock (with 20 rebound clicks and 18 compression clicks). Wheelbase: 57.2 inches. Claimed weight: 192.9 pounds.

How many gears does a Honda 125 have?

5 Speed gears

How many gears does a 2005 CR125 have?

Water cooled, 125cc, Single, 2-stroke, Reed valve

How much horsepower does a Honda CR 125 have?

31.00 HP

How fast does a CR 85?

The Honda CR85 is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of 65 mph.

How many horsepower does a CR 85 have?

25.83 HP

What does CR mean Honda?

Car, Business, Club. 1. CR. Comfortable Runabout.

How much is a CR 125?


How tall is a YZ 125?

Yamaha YZ125

How much is a YZ 125 2021?

2021 Yamaha YZ125 • $6,599.

How tall should you be for a YZ 85?

Is a YZ125 a good beginner bike?

As you’re just starting out, you’d probably do fine on a YZ125. It’s not as “easy” to ride as the 250F, but it’s a good first bike. Plus being 6’3″, it will feel small and light to you. Doing the top end on a 125 costs around $100, and it about 3-4 hours of work for a beginner mechanic.

How old should you be to ride a YZ 125?

How fast does a 125cc 2 stroke go?

The max speed for a 125cc 4-stroke dirt bike is it going to be around 50 miles per hour while the max speed for a 125cc 2-stroke dirt bike is going to be around 70 miles per hour.

Is a YZ125 good for trails?

Honestly, a YZ125 is such fun that the biggest fear is messing things up. But, this approach was so conservative that it made for a great result. The riding public can’t get its collective head wrapped around the fact that a 125 is a great trail bike”not just for kids, but for everyone.

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