How many playoff games did Donovan McNabb win?

How many playoff games did Donovan McNabb win?

Donovan McNabb and Jim Kelly hold the record for the highest number of playoff wins (9) without winning the Super Bowl….Winning starters.

How many Pro Bowls does McNabb have?

six Pro Bowls

McNabb’s star truly began to shine in his second NFL season, the first in which he was the unquestioned starter for the Eagles. McNabb finished second in NFL MVP voting that year to Marshall Faulk, was named to his first Pro Bowl and led the Eagles to a playoff win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

What is Donovan McNabb net worth?

Donovan McNabb Net worth

What’s Skip Bayless net worth?

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Does Shannon Sharpe drink or smoke?

Besides his hall of fame NFL career, Sharpe is known for professing his love for ‘Milds and yac’ and even posts photos of himself smoking Backwoods cigars while holding a bottle of whatever he’s drinking that day.

Who’s the highest-paid announcer on ESPN?

In fact, the New York Post reported in November 2019 that Smith signed a five-year contract that made him ESPN’s highest-paid sportscaster. His contract is reportedly worth around $8 million per year, which moved him past Mike Greenberg, who makes $6.5 million.

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