How much does a deck around a pool cost?

How much does a deck around a pool cost?

On average, building a pool deck costs around $5,000. Most homeowners pay between $3,000 and $12,000 for this project. Where you fall on that range depends on the materials you choose, the size of the patio, and the difficulty of the terrain. A simple wood deck for an above-ground pool may only need a $3,000 budget.

How much is a circle pool?

This project’s low cost is around $1,500 for an 18-foot round metal pool. The high cost is $10,000 for a 12’x24′ rectangular hard-sided pool with a full deck….Above-Ground Pool Costs by Type.

Are pool deck jets worth it?

Similar to fountains and waterfalls, deck jets can act as a natural sound barrier to the many common distractions around your home, creating a much more peaceful environment. Turn them on and drown out those noisy neighbors or cars zooming by on that nearby street.

How much decking should I have around my pool?

A good rule of thumb is for a deck’s square footage to be at least the same as your pool’s square footage. To illustrate with a simple example, say a rectangle pool is 15 feet wide by 30 feet long. With a 450-square-foot pool, the deck should also be at least 450 square feet.

What is the best decking to put around a pool?


What is the coolest pool deck surface?

One of the coolest options for pool deck surfaces are textured acrylic coatings. A coating that’s made of concrete and acrylic will absorb less heat than other materials. Texture also makes the surface feel cooler to the touch because when a person walks on it, their bare feet are exposed to less surface area.

Concrete Decking Concrete is the most basic option for a pool deck. But, it’s also supremely versatile and durable. The main reason concrete makes a good decking material is its affordability. It’s one of the most inexpensive options for a pool deck, with broom-finished concrete being the most inexpensive by far.

How much does cool deck cost?

Kool Deck, a trademarked product, averages about $4 per square foot.

How long does cool deck last?

Cool Decking ” Cool decking should last for a minimum of 10 years. Freezing weather reduces the longevity of this overlay.

Can you pressure wash cool deck?

Pressure wash your Kool deck. Fill the washer with standard pressure washing detergent and spray the entire Kool deck using a 15- to 25-degree spray tip pointed downward at a 90-degree angle. You can rent a pressure washer from certain home supply stores if you do not own one.

Can you paint over cool deck?

Concrete cool deck surfaces can be painted. Pool owners can apply surface paints to refurbish cool deck and make it look close to new. The process for applying paint to cool deck is something that can be done by most homeowners, but application instructions for the paint must be strictly followed.

How long does pool deck paint last?

The main disadvantage of using water-based acrylic paint for your pool deck is it does not last long. It only has a lifespan of 2 to 3 years. After that, you may have to repaint your deck.

How do you prepare a cool deck for painting?

Simply mix one gallon of acrylic paint (your color choice) to the kit and apply with an ordinary 3/4 in. nap paint roller to a clean, prepared surface. Cool dries within 30 minutes. Apply a second coat.

How much does it cost to resurface Kool Deck?

Resurfacing also adds strength to your surface by covering and bonding any cracks in your deck. With resurfacing costs starting around $3 to $5 per sq. ft., placing an overlay on your pool deck could save you money and time.

Can Kool Deck be repaired?

Although Kool Deck systems provide improved expansion and contraction of surface elements over regular cement, they can still crack over time and require repairs. You can fix cracks in your Kool Deck with the aid of a Kool Deck patch kit, available through the Mortex Corp.

Most Irvine homeowners will wait until the summer or a couple of weeks before to resurface their pool; however, consider doing so during the months prior to pool season. The best time to resurface your pool is from March through May.

What happens if you don’t resurface your pool?

If you don’t resurface the pool, which is necessary because it is always exposed to weather, cracks and an unevenness in the pool surface will occur and this could lead to algae stains, water leaking and injuries from the uneven surface.

How much does it cost to resurface a 10000 gallon pool?

Typical costs: Re-plastering the interior surface of an average residential in-ground pool (10,000-20,000 gallons or 14’x28′ to 16’x32′ and 3.5′-5′ deep) with standard white plaster or marble-dust plaster (marcite) typically costs $2,500-$5,500, depending on the size, depth and shape of the pool, and local rates.

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