How much strength does a sorceress need Diablo 2?

How much strength does a sorceress need Diablo 2?

Meaning you’ll need to have between 99 and 119 strength. For just the Anni, Torch, and Trav’s, there’s 30-50 bonus strength, so 106-126 strength is required to reach the 156.

How do you kill duriel with a sorceress?

Upon reentering the Chamber, the Sorceress may like to reclaim her corpse before turning to Duriel again, especially if she was holding any staff that boosted Fire Wall. Continue the casting Fire Wall and Teleport until Duriel is finally killed.


What is the fastest way to level up in Destiny 2?

If you want to reach the soft level cap of 1250 quickly in Destiny 2, then you can find a grinding spot to quickly get Engram drops. The fastest is finding a short Lost Sector, and repeating it over and over, giving you Legendary Engram drops on each boss completion.

Where can I find Pindleskin?

Pindleskin is found in Nihlathak’s Temple, reached through the red portal beside Anya in Harrogath. Pindleskin and his minions are always in the narrow temple that leads to the entrance to the Halls of Anguish.

What can Pindleskin not drop?

The only (set/unique) items that Pindleskin can’t theoretically drop are Arachnid Mesh, Tyrael’s Might, and Azurewrath, due to qlvl considerations (Pindle is level 86, and those three items are qlvl 87, so he can’t drop them).

What can Pindleskin drop?

Pindleskin can drop from all TC’s, including weapon/armor 90. * Note that these odds are just for this TC being selected. The chances of the item type being selected within that class, and the chances of it being set or unique is extremely low.

Death’s Fathom is an elite Unique Sorceress Weapon with an item level of X and a Character Level requirement of 73. This Unique can only be found by Realm Ladder characters, or in single player.

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Can Pindle drop Azurewrath?

Diabloii.Net Member Meph can also drop Azurewrath while Pindle can’t.

Can Pindle drop arachnid mesh?

Just do whatever runs you normally do. Andy, Trav, Meph, Chaos, Baal, Pindle, Eld, etc… bolded peeps cant drop it. only monsters with a mlvl greater than 86 can drop it.

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