How To Say Agreed In Spanish?

In Spanish, “agreed” is “aceptado.”

Is agreed is correct?

Yes, agreed is correct.

Has agreed or had agreed?


Is it correct to say I don’t agree?

No, it is not correct to say “I don’t agree.”

Which tense is had agreed?

The present tense is had agreed.

How do you say I agree in a smart way?

“I agree.”

What is the adverb form of agree?

The adverb form of agree is agreeably.

How do you ask someone if they agree in Spanish?

When asking someone if they agree in Spanish, the best way to do it is to use a question like “Por qué?” or “Por qué no?”

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Is agreed a sentence?

Yes, a sentence can be agreed upon.

Do you agree this proposal?

Yes, I think this proposal is a good idea.

Is agree and agreed the same?

Yes, the terms “agree” and “agreeed” are the same word.

How do you give an opinion in Spanish?

“How do you give an opinion in Spanish?”

Is dont agree correct?


How do you say totally agree?

I totally agree!

What is the second form of agree?

The second form of agree is to disagree.

How do you spell Hola?

Hola is pronounced “hoe-lay.”

Do you agree or are you?

I’m not sure.

Did not agree or agreed?

I did not agree or agree with the answer.

Which is correct agree with or agree to?

I agree to.

Is Agreed past tense?

Yes, Agreed past tense is used to indicate that an agreement has been reached.

How do you express an agreement and disagreement in Spanish?

When two people agree or disagree about something, they typically use different words to express their agreement or disagreement. In Spanish, this is called “expresar un acuerdo y discrepancia.” To express an agreement and disagree in Spanish, you would use different words depending on the situation. For example, if you and your friend agree about something, you might use “acepto” or “adopto.” If you and your friend disagree about something, you might use “disfruto” or “disminuyo.”

How do you answer do you agree?

I agree with you.

How do you use Agreed?

Agreed is a tool to help manage and track agreements. It allows users to create and manage agreements easily, and view and manage agreements from any device.

What do you say in Spain when you agree with something?

“I say that it’s a great country and that I’m happy to live there.”

Who is an agreed person?

An agreed person is someone who is in agreement with the terms of a negotiation or agreement.

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What position does Spanish occupy in the list of most spoken languages?

Spanish is the most spoken language in the world.

How do you say so true?

“How do you say so true?”

What is another way to say I agree?

I agree is a polite way of saying I agree with what you are saying.

How do you ask do you agree?

How do you ask someone to agree to something? You might say “I think it would be a good idea if we did this,” or “I think it would be a good idea if we did that.”

What does it mean to say Agreed?

Agreed means that we have both agreed to do something.

Is agree transitive or intransitive?

The word “agree” can be translated to “cooperate,” “agree,” or “agreeable.” However, the word “agree” is intransitive, meaning it doesn’t have a direct object.

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