Is there an app to identify artist signature?

Is there an app to identify artist signature?

A new app lets people scan a work of art with their smartphone camera to find out more about it and save a digital copy. The app, called Smartify, uses image recognition to identify scanned artworks and provide people with additional information about them. Users can then add the works to their own digital collection.

How do you identify art?

Use an image recognition app to identify the painting immediately.

What are the elements of an art?

Elements of art are stylistic features that are included within an art piece to help the artist communicate. The seven most common elements include line, shape, texture, form, space, colour and value, with the additions of mark making, and materiality.

What job can I do after 12th arts?

Career Options After 12th Arts

Which job is best for arts students?

Highest Paying Jobs In India in Arts Field

Which course is best for art student?

These are top Art courses for Art students in secondary school

What are the compulsory subjects in arts?

The subjects offered under arts stream are as follows. The compulsory subjects are English, Hindi and Computers….

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