Is thurl a word?

Is thurl a word?

(mining, obsolete) To cut through, as a partition between one working and another. A hole; an aperture.

What does thurl mean in Philly?

Philadelphia slang meaning- A [real one], truthful, solid, and upstanding.

Is Yo a Philly word?

Yo /ˈjoʊ/ is a slang interjection, commonly associated with North American English. It was popularized by the Italian-American community in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the 1940s.

What do you call a person from Philadelphia?

Philadelphian is most commonly used to describe someone who is from (or a resident of) the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What is a JAWN in Philly?

Jawn is Philadelphia slang for anything literally anything. Jawn is used as an all encompassing substitute for any person, place, or thing. Like this definition, an informative jawn.

What is JUNT?

(noun) A replacement for almost any noun. It can be used as a replacement for a person, place, thing, or idea.

The word “jawn” is unlike any other English word. It is a completely acceptable statement in Philadelphia to ask someone to “remember to bring that jawn to the jawn.”

Linguists say that although “jawn” was born in New York, it truly came of age in Philadelphia, probably sometime in the late 1970s or early 1980s. A turning point, according to the article, was the classic hip-hop track “That’s The Joint” by Funky 4 Plus 1.

What is a JAWN on Snapchat?

JAWN means “Thing” Click to see full answer.

What’s a bad JAWN?

(slang, chiefly Philadelphia) A woman. Yo, you see that jawn, she bad as hell.

Where did the term JAWN originate?

According to linguists, jawn comes ultimately from the word joint via New York City. Joint in this sense was used of everything from opium dens to illegal saloons, but in time the word underwent semantic bleaching and simply referred to a place.

What does swing a JAWN mean?

What does swing a JAWN mean? (slang, chiefly Philadelphia) Something; any object, place or thing. (slang) A woman.

Is JAWN a Scrabble word?

No, jawn is not in the scrabble dictionary.

Is JAWN a real word?

Jawn is a slang term local to Philadelphia and its metropolitan area. Jawn is a context-dependent substitute noun, meaning it is a noun that substitutes for any other noun. Jawn can be singular or plural. Jawn is believed to be derived from the word “joint”.

Is Askewed a word?

to one side; out of line; in a crooked position; awry: to wear one’s hat askew; to hang a picture askew. with disapproval, scorn, contempt, etc.; disdainfully: They looked askew at the painting.


to abstain or keep away from; shun; avoid: to eschew evil.

How do you spell excuse?

Correct spelling for the English word “excuse” is [ɛkskjˈuːs], [ɛkskjˈuːs], [ɛ_k_s_k_j_ˈuː_s] (IPA phonetic alphabet)….Similar spelling words for EXCUSE

How do you use eschew?

Eschew in a Sentence ?

What does wastrel mean?

1 : vagabond, waif. 2 : one who expends resources foolishly and self-indulgently : profligate.

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