What are some Guatemalan dances?

What are some Guatemalan dances?

7 Traditional Folk Dances of Guatemala You Should Know

What is the typical music in Guatemala?

Modern popular music In recent decades, Guatemala has produced a variety of popular performers, such as pop vocalists, Guatemalan rock bands, bachata, salsa and merengue bands, hip hop and reggaeton , disk-jockeys, trios, and mariachi bands. The best known popsinger/songwriter from Guatemala is Ricardo Arjona.

What is the art like in Guatemala?

Guatemala’s visual art began with the Mayans, who painted murals and carved stelae. Although few Mayan murals survived, the ones that did tend to show scenes of daily life and are narrative in nature. The stelae are covered with carvings and inscriptions, often of kings or gods.

Who is the most famous Guatemalan artist?

Carlos Mérida

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