What are the 11 unified combatant commands?

What are the 11 unified combatant commands?

Combatant Commands

What does attachment of forces mean?

The rationale for this appears sound, given that the attachment of forces is a temporary transfer normally associated with the accomplishment of a specific mission and the citation above ends with “necessary to accomplish the mission.”

What does Opcon mean?

The authority to perform those functions of

How are combatant commanders selected?

The Combatant Commands and the Services. Sitting at the pinnacle of operational command and exemplifying military jointness, combatant commanders are assumed to be chosen solely based on who is the best person for the job, regardless of what Service the commander comes from.

What is the role of a combatant commander?

“(1) The commander of a combatant command is responsible to the President and to the Secretary of Defense for the performance of missions assigned to that command by the President or by the Secretary with the approval of the President.

Who does Centcom report to?

Who falls under Centcom?

The region monitored by this command encompasses 20 countries, including Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the countries of the Arabian Peninsula and northern Red Sea, and the five republics of Central Asia.

Who falls under Uscentcom?

United States Central Command USCENTCOM The command headquarters, located at MacDill Air Force Base, in Tampa, Florida, is composed of approximately 1,000 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and civilian employees.

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