What are three facts about Jerry Spinelli?

What are three facts about Jerry Spinelli?

Fun Facts about Jerry Spinelli

What was Jerry Spinelli’s first book?

Space Station Seventh Grade

What is Jerry Spinelli’s favorite book he wrote?

Maniac Magee

How old was Jerry Spinelli when he wrote Maniac Magee?

13 years old

What is Jerry Spinelli’s net worth?

Jerry Spinelli net worth: Jerry Spinelli is an American writer who has a net worth of $6 million. Jerry Spinelli was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania in February 1941. He writes children’s novels featuring adolescence and early adulthood. His first book Space Station Seventh Grade was published in 1982.

Why is Leo attracted to Stargirl?

For Leo, Stargirl is attracted to him because she knows he is similar to her. They are both non-conformists; that is to say, they are unique individuals and not followers. For example, the student body of Mica Area High School ebs and flows with whatever or whomever is popular at the time.

Stargirl’s old name is Susan Caraway. Although “Susan” is the name her parents gave her, Stargirl has changed what she is called many times. She first renamed herself “Pocket Mouse”, then “Mudpie”, “Hullygully”, then finally, “Stargirl”. Stargirl says that she changes her name when the old one “doesn’t fit anymore”.

Leo is forever changed by his time with Stargirl. He pays more attention to small details and doing simple things to be kind to people. He remembers her when he does little things they used to do together, like drop spare change for people to find.

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How did Stargirl respond when Leo tried to avoid her?

By Jerry Spinelli Several days pass and Leo continues to avoid Stargirl, while the poor girl keeps trying to track him down. But Stargirl assures him that she wasn’t thinking at all. She just did it. Leo starts to feel bad and tells her that she can’t just not care about what the rest of the world thinks.

How did Stargirl change Leo?

Stargirl changed for Leo. She really liked him and she wanted him to be happy. She began using Susan, dressing like everyone, talking like everyone, she tried to change who and what she was for Leo. She knew that being accepted by “them” was important to him, so she tried.

What did Stargirl teach Leo?

What did Stargirl teach Leo? She taught him to wonder, to revel, to laugh, and to see.

Why is Dori mad at Stargirl?

Susan explains that Dori is mad at her because she feels like Susan betrayed her true self when she got rid of Stargirl: “She just doesn’t understand how important it is to be popular” (27.13). She does know that Dori will be at the front of the mob that welcomes her home, however.

Why did Stargirl change her name?

Stargirl responds by saying, ‘Nothing. It was a good name. ‘ Then she explains that her name was originally Susan, but she changed it because she ‘didn’t feel like a Susan anymore’. ‘ She chose ‘Stargirl’ because it just came to her one night as she was walking through the desert looking at the stars.

Why do the students shun Stargirl?

Her individuality is such a contrast to her peers’ conformity that people are obsessed with her. They watch her, talk about her and think about her. For a time, they imitate everything she does. Then she upsets them, and they shun her.

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Why did Stargirl lose her popularity?

But the dream can’t last forever, folks. Her enthusiastic cheerleading, which made her popular in the first place, eventually leads to Stargirl’s downfall. She cheers for everyone, in every situation, not just her home team.

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