What bodies of water are around Australia?

What bodies of water are around Australia?

Australia is an island continent. This means that every state (excluding Northern Territory and the ACT) is surrounded by Ocean waters. To the South but not bordered on the Australian coast is the Southern Ocean, to the West is the Indian Ocean and to the East is the Pacific Ocean.

What oceans surround Australia on the map?

Australia is an island surround by ‘ocean’ . The Pacific Ocean to the East and North the Indian Ocean to the west, and the Southern ocean to the south.

How many seas are around Australia?

3 seas

What ocean is Australia located in?

South Pacific Ocean

Do they say mate in New Zealand?

The phrase ‘Good on ya, mate’ was popularised by a series of commercials for the New Zealand beer Speight’s. It means ‘well done’ or ‘I approve’. The word ‘mate’ is like ‘bro’ in that it is used mostly by males to describe other males even if they’ve never met them before, except ‘mate’ is more used by white guys.

How do New Zealand say hello?

Kia ora (Māori: [kia “ɾa], approximated in English as /ˌkiːə ˈ”ːrə/ KEE-ə OR-ə) is a Māori-language greeting which has entered New Zealand English. It translates literally as “have life” or “be healthy”, and is used as an informal greeting equivalent to “hi” or “hello”, or an expression of thanks similar to “cheers”.

What does Chur mean in NZ slang?

essentially thank you

What is McDonalds called in Australia?


Bloke is a slang term for a common man in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The earliest known usage is from the early 19th century, when it was recorded as a London slang term.

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A ute (/juːt/ YOOT), originally an abbreviation for “utility” or “coupé utility”, is a term used in Australia and New Zealand to describe vehicles with a tonneau behind the passenger compartment, that can be driven with a regular driver’s license.

What does drongo mean in Australia?

The word drongo is used in Australian English as a mild form of insult meaning “idiot” or “stupid fellow”. This usage derives from an Australian racehorse of the same name (apparently after the spangled drongo, Dicrurus bracteatus) in the 1920s that never won despite many places.

Is a drongo native to Australia?

The spangled drongo (Dicrurus bracteatus) is a bird of the family Dicruridae. It is the only drongo to be found in Australia where it can be recognised by its black, iridescent plumage and by its characteristic forked tail. It feeds on insects and small vertebrates.

What does a Sheila mean in Australia?

sheila. A girl or woman. This word first appeared in Australian English in 1832 with the spelling shelah. It was initially used in Australia to refer to a woman of Irish origin, but from the late 19th century onwards it became a general term for a woman or girl.

What does Furphy mean?

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word Furphy as: A rumour or story, especially one that is untrue or absurd.

What does Furphy mean in Australian slang?

A furphy is Australian slang for an erroneous or improbable story that is claimed to be factual. Many Furphy water carts were used to take water to Australian Army personnel during World War I in Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

What does G Day mean in Australian English?

good day

Who is Furphy beer owned by?

Lion Beer Spirits and Wine Australia

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