What does Vazquez mean in Spanish?

What does Vazquez mean in Spanish?

A patronymic surname meaning “son of Vasco.” The given name Vasco derives from the medieval Spanish name Velasco, which possibly meant “crow” in Basque. According to Elsdon Smith in American Surnames, the names Vasquez, Vazquez and Velez in Spain “designate those who herded ewes or sheep.

Where did the name Vazquez come from?

This surname is Spanish, of Basque origin, with the first Vazquez families in the Castile region of Spain. Recorded in a number of forms including de Belasco, Belasco, de Velasco, Velasco, Vazquez, Velazquez, and the Portugese Vasquez and Vaz.

Is Vasquez a male or female name?

The name Vasquez is primarily a male name of Spanish origin that means Son Of Vasco. Spanish surname.

What does Velasquez mean?

Velázquez, also Velazquez, Velásquez or Velasquez (/vəˈlæskɛz/, /-ˈlæz-/), is a surname from Spain. It is a patronymic name, meaning “son of Velasco”

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