What engine is in a John Deere 9500 combine?

What engine is in a John Deere 9500 combine?

The John Deere 9500 model is equipped with a six-cylinder diesel engine that is turbo charged and capable of 190 horsepower. In 1991, engine power was again increased and available at two levels: 215 horsepower for small grain harvesting and 235 horsepower for harvesting of larger crops, such as corn and rice.

How tall is a 9500 combine?

Height is 13 ft. 5 in. to bin auger, cab height is 12 ft. 9 in. with 30.5 tires, width is 15 ft. to outside ladder.

Key Specs

How much fuel does a combine burn per hour?

If running 60% to 70% engine load it will be in the 14 ” 15 gallon/hr, if pushing hard and running around 90% load it will get up to 17 ” 18 gallon/hr.

How much fuel does a John Deere s670 hold?


How much horsepower does a s680 have?


How much fuel does a combine used per acre?

An average fuel consumption of the combine was found to be 8 to 9 L of diesel per acre. Cleaning efficiency (CE): The cleaning efficiency of the combine harvester is calculated based upon the estimated grain yield with respective to total grain threshed.

John Deere’s S-Series combines have been harvesting crops since 2012. They brought with it a larger operator station, bigger cleaning shoe, new class 9 machine ” better known as the S690, 16-row corn heads, flex draper platforms, a power fold grain tank, and the ever popular refrigerator.

How much HP does a John Deere S690 have?


How much does a John Deere S240 cost?

Price Of John Deere S240 Sports is $2,499.00 USD.

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Is the John Deere S240 a good mower?

It has always been reliable and cranks the first time every time. I’m very pleased with the quality of cut I’m getting also. I purchased a John Deere jack so I can do my own service and that’s been a big plus.

Are Home Depot John Deere real?

The 100 series and the X series. The 100 series is what is sold at Home Depot, Lowes, etc. The X series are ‘real’ John Deeres, but they are home riding mowers.

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