What is a 2007 400EX worth?

What is a 2007 400EX worth?

Nadaguides.com shows a range of $2200-$2900 for a 2007 400ex with a performance exhaust.

How much is a 2005 Honda trx400ex worth?


How fast is a 400EX in mph?

It has a 28 horsepower engine and the Honda 400EX has a top speed of 72 MPH.

What was the last year for the 400EX?

This mid-level quad-runner replaced Honda’s previous, and popular, 250R. During the final year of its production, Honda retailed the 400EX for $5,999. In 2004, Honda released the TRX450R, which used a slightly larger engine, and achieved greater critical acclaim. Honda replaced the 400EX in 2009 with the TRX400X.

What does 400ex mean?

400ex stands for 4 wheels 0 problems 0 complaints Excellent Excitment.haha.

What’s the difference between a 400EX and a 400X?

2005 was also when Honda changed the original 400EX body style. It was still called the EX, but in 2009, Honda dropped the E and simply called it the 400X. For the past five years it has had the sleeker look of the 450R, but underneath it still has the parts that have proven to be as reliable as a hammer.

Why does my 400EX tick?

It will tick if your valve clearances are too big. . . Definitely check/adjust your valves to spec. If you replaced rocker arms and don’t know what valve lash is then this is certainly your problem. It’s an easy fix.

How tight should a 400ex chain be?

The best and most accurate way to adjust your chain is to compress the suspension so that the center of the front and rear sprockets and the swing arm pivot bolt are all ligned up. This is the tightest position the chain will be in. At that point you want about 1/8″ of freeplay.

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It is usually one to one and a half inches. Start by putting your ATV on level ground and shutting off the engine. Have someone sit on the ATV to see what tension the chain is usually under with a rider aboard.

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