What is a fireplace worth on Animal Jam?

What is a fireplace worth on Animal Jam?

The Jamaaliday Fireplace is a members-only den item released for the Jamaalidays. It can be bought for 800 Gems at Jam Mart Furniture.

How many diamonds is a den Beta worth?

6 Diamonds

What is moon dirt worth AJ?

Moon dirt was sold in the beta stage. Moon dirt is worth about 2 good den betas. Find this Pin and more on Animal Jam by Marley Foxx.

What is brown tile worth AJ?

An item commonly used to fool people is Brown Tile, which is identical in appearance to the Tan Carpet. However, Brown Tile has the member lock and Tan Carpet is nonmember. Since Tan Carpet is Beta, it’s worth 3-4 Den Betas, while Brown Tile is storebought.

How do you get den betas on AJ?

You can also collect nature adventure items from adventures and trade them around 20 of them to people who are looking for them for a den beta. If you’re member, play the Forgotten Desert, and chances are you’ll get a den beta prize!

What is rocking horse worth on AJ?

The Rocking Horse appears to be a small wooden horse. This item was also released during the Beta Testing phase, and was sold at Jam Mart Furniture for 150 Gems.

Is tan carpet beta on AJ?

Tan Carpet was sold during beta testing and left stores after 2010. It can be won from the Forgotten Desert.

What is a rim AJ?

CrystalMeadowAJ· RIM stands for Rare Item Monday ” it’s one of those animal jam jargons.

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What is a beta AJ?

Beta: Beta is the testing period of a game. It is used to find bugs and help give feedback about the game.

What are nerd glasses worth in Animal Jam?

950 gems

What is a rare fox hat worth on Animal Jam?

It was originally sold for only 150 Gems, but its price was increased to 1,250 Gems during its 2013 release. On June 26, 2014, the Freedom Fox Hat was sold for 1,250 Gems at the Freedom Party.

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