What is ABS on a Ford Explorer?

What is ABS on a Ford Explorer?

The anti-lock braking (ABS) system is used to maintain wheel motion and traction while braking, accelerating or cornering on a slippery surface. This system uses the same components as the traction control system (TCS), and the functionalities of both are integrated through the ABS control module.

Can worn brake pads cause check engine light?

One of the most common reasons the Check Engine Light becomes present involves your car’s Emissions Control System. Everything from low fluid levels in the lines to unevenly worn brake pads can cause this light to illuminate.

Can I take out the ABS fuse?

Remove the anti-lock brake fuse or relay that needs to be replaced. This is typically done by pinching them between your fingers and pulling them up and out or by using the fuse removal tool supplied by some manufacturers.

Is there a fuse for ABS brakes?

Anti-lock brake systems have a fuse that fails if the ABS brake light is on or when the fuse is blown. The wheels may lock up if the ABS fuse is bad. Most modern vehicles are equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS).

Why is the ABS light on in my truck?

The four common reasons that typically cause this light to turn on include a malfunctioning ABS module, low levels in the fluid reservoir, broken wheel speed sensors, or the system is turned off. Your ABS actually shares some important components with another system in your vehicle: your traction control system.

What happens if you drive with ABS light on?

If your ABS light came on while driving, then your anti-lock system isn’t working at full capacity. Your brakes will still work but if you suddenly slam on them, then the ABS might not engage and you could lose control of the vehicle.

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On many modern cars, a bad wheel bearing will trigger a warning light. The ABS or traction control warnings will often illuminate, since a bad bearing will trip the system to deactivate.

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