What landforms are located in Iceland?

What landforms are located in Iceland?

The country possesses some of the world’s most diverse landforms, from volcanoes and geysers to majestic waterfalls, glaciers and vertical sea cliffs.

Why is Iceland so geologically active?

Iceland has some incredibly unique geological sites and the country has extensive volcanic and geothermal activity. This magma upwelling is called the Icelandic Plume. Put in a very simple way, the movement caused by the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is the main reason for the volcanic activity we know so well in Iceland.

Why is Iceland such an interesting place for geologists?

What makes Iceland so interesting for geologists? Iceland is a dynamic place where the power and beauty of geology can be witnessed at every turn. It is a geologically young island ” less than 33 million years old ” and its majestic landscapes are shaped by active plate tectonics, volcanics, and glacial movement.

How Iceland is formed?

Iceland formed by the coincidence of the spreading boundary of the North American and Eurasian plates and a hotspot or mantle plume ” an upsurge of abnormally hot rock in the Earth´s mantle. As the plates moved apart, excessive eruptions of lava constructed volcanoes and filled rift valleys.

What is special about Iceland?

Iceland is known the world over as the land of ice and fire. As well as containing a multitude of glaciers and snow-peaked mountains, volcanoes are also dotted around the island. What makes this volcano unique is the fact that you can actually go inside the magma chamber!

Why is Duncan an illegal name in Iceland?

The committee refused to accept the names of Duncan and Harriet Cardew”Icelandic-born children of a British father and an Icelandic mother”because their names did not meet the criteria for being added to the registry of approved names.

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What names are not allowed in Iceland?

Names Iceland banned this year

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