What song is in the new Dr Pepper commercial?

What song is in the new Dr Pepper commercial?

Dr Pepper & Cream Soda TV Commercial, ‘A Delicious Duet: Treat Pyramid’ Featuring Justin Guarini.

Who is in the new Dr Pepper commercial?

A Dr Pepper & Cream Soda commercial is making waves not only because it’s super hilarious, but because many people are watching the spot and thinking ” Wait, I know those guys! Indeed, the two actors who sing a song about soda set to the tune of “Sister Christian” are Justin Guarini and Will Green.

Who is Larry Culpepper?

Dr Pepper vendor mascot Larry Culpepper, the star of ads run so often he became as associated with college football as knee injuries and NCAA investigations, has been retired by the soft-drink brand.

How tall is Lil sweet in real life?

The singer, 36, makes a grand entrance in the commercial, sliding into an office kitchen on his knees, as he shook a tambourine and hit an impressive high note. Once standing, it turns out that the soda guru (who in real life stands at 6ft) is a lot smaller than he first appeared, only about 4ft tall.

How old is Kelly clarksons?

39 years (April 24, 1982)

What is Kelly Clarkson’s net worth 2021?

As she achieved success, she experimented with different themes and music styles. Clarkson, he has won the ‘Grammy Award’ three times. As of 2021, Kelly Clarkson’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $45 million.

Is Kelly Clarkson wearing a wig on The Voice 2020?

Kelly normally wears her natural hair as opposed to a wig. However, her “natural” locks do undergo quite a bit of coloring and styling to create the looks fans see on TV and online. Kelly let fans see her completely natural hair in 2020 during quarantine.

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Why is Kelly not on the voice?

But Team Kelly will again be at a disadvantage tonight, as its coach will be missing in action. “I am so sorry, I am under the weather,” Kelly phoned in her absence. She didn’t test positive for COVID-19, but according to host Carson Daly, the protocols are so strict, she had to watch the Battle Rounds remotely.

How much does Blake Shelton make on the voice?

Given that NBC always airs two seasons of The Voice per year, Blake Shelton makes $26 million a year to appear on the show.

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