What stadium do the Detroit Lions play in?

What stadium do the Detroit Lions play in?

Ford Field

Why do the Lions play in a dome?

On September 22, 2002, the Detroit Lions played their first game at Ford Field against the Green Bay Packers. A structural-steel supported permanent dome was chosen to cover the facility because of Detroit’s cold and harsh winter weather.

Can you attend a Lions game?

Print-at-home tickets are no longer allowed in the NFL, as part of a League-wide mandate. Due to the policy change, starting in the 2019 season ” all guests are required to enter Lions games using a mobile ticket.

Is Ford Field built into the ground?

Ford Field is a domed American football stadium located in Downtown Detroit….Ford Field.

Ford Field According to the National Sports Law Institute at Marquette University, 36 percent of that was publicly financed, including money from tourism excise taxes and $45 million from the Downtown Development Authority.

Does Ford Field have real grass?

DETROIT ” The Detroit Lions have announced that the FieldTurf surface at Ford Field is being upgraded with a new FieldTurf Classic HD system. “We’ve partnered with FieldTurf since the inaugural season at Ford Field because of our confidence in their proven product,” said Detroit Lions Team President Rod Wood.

Is Ford Field nice?

Even though it’s approaching 16 years old, the Detroit Lions have one of the more exciting stadiums in the NFL, and one which is a delight to fans and media alike. It’s been a nice upgrade over the Pontiac Silverdome as a well-maintained modern stadium.” …

How big is Ford Field in Detroit?

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approximately 1.85 million square feet

How old is Ford Field in Detroit?

19c. 2002

Which state is Detroit in the United States?


5 answers. I would say right around 70-you would be fine with a sweatshirt or hoodie if you do not want to bring your winter coat in. over a year ago.

Is Ford Field heated?

Detroit Thermal Provides Efficient Steam Heat to Ford Field.

What is Ford Field used for?

What temperature are indoor football stadiums?

About 70 Degrees. over a year ago. The temperature inside is a comfortable 72 degrees or a bit higher if all the fans are worked up! over a year ago.

How many seats are in Ford Field?


What was there before Ford Field?

Ford Field, located in downtown Detroit across the street from Comerica Park, replaced the Pontiac Silverdome as the home of the Detroit Lions NFL football team in 2002. Plans for constructing the stadium began in August 1996.

Comerica Park

What are the most hitter friendly ballparks?

Generally speaking, Coors Field is far and away the best park for hitters while places like Guaranteed Rate Field, Great American Ball Park, Camden Yards, SunTrust Park and PNC Park are hitter-friendly. Marlins Park, Oracle Park, Petco Park and Oakland Coliseum are among the best for pitchers.

How safe is downtown Detroit?

Downtown Detroit is mostly free of the types of crime that plague some other parts of the city”gangs, drugs, and the like”but is Downtown Detroit safe? Mostly yes, though beware pickpockets and other types of small-time criminals who make their living by preying on travelers.

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