Where Was The Sudetenland Located?

The Sudetenland was located in the Czech Republic.

What was the original purpose of the SS?

The SS was a Nazi ship that was used to transport Jews to concentration camps.

What happened to Sudetenland as a result of the Munich Agreement?

The Sudetenland became a part of Czechoslovakia after the Munich Agreement.

What did Germany do to Sudetenland?

What did Germany do to Sudetenland?Germany annexed the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia in 1938, after the Munich Agreement led to World War II. The annexation caused a series of riots and protests in the Sudetenland, which culminated in the 1938 Munich Agreement, which resulted in Czechoslovakia becoming a Nazi puppet state.

Where was the Sudetenland in ww2?

The Sudetenland was in the Czech Republic during World War II.

When did Germany get Sudetenland?

The Sudetenland area of Czechoslovakia was annexed by Germany in 1938.

Was Sudetenland part of Austria?

No, Sudetenland was not part of Austria.

What country was called the Sudetenland?

The Sudetenland was a region in Czechoslovakia that was divided between the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Is Sudetenland in Germany?

Yes, Sudetenland is in Germany.

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