Who is the characters of the story The Ugly Duckling?

Who is the characters of the story The Ugly Duckling?

Mother Goose ” she loved the ugly duckling no matter what. She was caring and loving towards him and always defended him. Duck ” she was a stuck up and wanted to get rid of the duckling because he was big and ugly.

Who is the main character of the ugly duckling?

Major Characters The title character, The Ugly Duckling is the last of nine ducklings to hatch in a barnyard. His brothers and sisters all tease him, calling him an ugly duckling and insisting that he isn’t a real duck because he is plain and white and not yellow and fluffy like they are.

What is the setting of the story ugly duckling?

A pond is the setting for the story The Ugly Duckling. The story tells of a plain-looking little bird (the Ugly Duckling) born in a barnyard. “The Ugly Duckling” is a story about the troubles and sufferings of a young swan that got hatched from an egg in a duck’s nest.

Did the ugly duckling have a name?

The Ugly Duckling ” he is the main character. Mother Goose ” she loved the ugly duckling no matter what….What is the ugly ducklings name?

Why did the ugly duckling run away from the farmyard?

One evening, as all of the ducks in the pond had gone to sleep, the ugly duckling decided that it was time for him to leave. He knew he was causing his mother distress and he did not want to live in a place where he felt unwanted. So the little ugly duckling ran away.

Why did the ugly duckling look at his own reflection?

Ans. The ugly duckling was afraid to look at his own reflection because whenever he looked at his own reflection, he thought, ‘I look so ugly’ !

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How was the ugly duckling treated by others?

The Ugly Duckling looked very different from his siblings, who made fun of him and treated him horribly because he didn’t look like them. He wished he was beautiful like the swans he saw flying in the sky. The young swans treated him like one of their own.

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