Why did the sale of indulgences become a critical issue?

Why did the sale of indulgences become a critical issue?

The sale of indulgences during the renaissance became important because, In medieval times, people accepted the authority of the Church without question. The Church placed greater emphasis on the authority of the pope and Church officials.

Why was indulgences important in the Renaissance?

An ‘indulgence’ was part of the medieval Christian church, and a significant trigger to the Protestant Reformation. Basically, by purchasing an indulgence, an individual could reduce the length and severity of punishment that heaven would require as payment for their sins, or so the church claimed.

What was the purpose of selling indulgences?

What was the purpose of selling indulgences? Indulgences were said to reduce time in purgatory but really were used for the Church to gain power.

What were the main issues the reformers had with the Roman Catholic Church?

The theses debated and criticised the Church and the papacy, but concentrated upon the selling of indulgences and doctrinal policies about purgatory, particular judgment, and the authority of the pope.

What happened to the Protestants in Germany?

Conflicts with the Holy Roman Empire, resolved by the 1548 Council of Trent, maintained a lack of concessions to the German Protestants, and country wide riots ensured it was not accepted. The official separation of Protestantism and the German Reichstag came when legislation was passed to ensure such in 1919.

Why did the Protestant Reformation began in Germany?

Luther sparked the Reformation in 1517 by posting, at least according to tradition, his “95 Theses” on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany ” these theses were a list of statements that expressed Luther’s concerns about certain Church practices ” largely the sale of indulgences, but they were based on …

Which European countries are predominantly Protestant?

Protestantism: European countries or areas with significant Protestant populations are Denmark, Finland, Germany (central, eastern and northern regions), Great Britain, Iceland, Netherlands (central and northern regions), Northern Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland (except the southern part).

Is Londonderry Catholic or Protestant?

The name “Derry” is preferred by nationalists and it is broadly used throughout Northern Ireland’s Catholic community, as well as that of the Republic of Ireland, whereas many unionists prefer “Londonderry”; however, in everyday conversation “Derry” is used by most Protestant residents of the city.

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