Why does John Proctor plow on Sunday?

Why does John Proctor plow on Sunday?

That Proctor sometimes plows on Sundays is perceived as damning evidence against him, since the Bible prohibits work on Sundays, which are meant to be for rest and attending church only. Proctor pleads that he was forced to work these days to feed his family: “I “I have once or twice plowed on Sunday.

Who said he Plow on Sunday Sir in the crucible?

Cheever to Danforth

What point does Hathorne make about Mary fainting why can’t she faint on command?

What point does Hathorne make about Mary fainting? Why can’t Mary faint on command? Hathorne asks Mary to faint in court because she can’t if she could faint in court, she should be able to pretend to faint now as well. Mary cannot handle the pressure.

Why can’t Mary Warren faint when asked what does this reveal?

When Mary Warren tells the court the truth that the girls were just pretending that they were being affected by witchcraft, she is challenged by Parris, Hathorne, and Danforth, and she is intimidated by the other girls. Mary explains that she fainted because she thought she saw spirits.

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Why can’t Mary faint when asked by the court what does this reveal?

She says that in the courtroom, all of the girls were screaming, going into hysterics, and that the judges believed them, and she just got caught up in the drama, and that is what heightened her emotions and enabled her to faint there.

What has Proctor done on Sunday instead of go to church?

Instead of going to church, John spent his Sundays working his farm for the good of his family. We might also infer, perhaps, that John avoided church because of his guilt over his adultery with Abigail Williams. Until the very end of the play, he saw himself as a terrible sinner, a man with little goodness in him.

What reason does Proctor give for not going to church?

Proctors reason for not regularly attending church was because he is fearful. They say if you don’t go to church, you will go to hell. His wife is also sick so that is his reason for not going to church. If parris is saying this, he has better things to do in his life like take care of his sick wife.

Why does John not go to church?

The primary reason John Proctor rarely attends church is that he doesn’t like Reverend Parris.

Why isn’t the Proctors last child baptized?

Why is Proctor’s youngest son not baptized? The child was gravely ill. Proctor doesn’t want Rev. Parris to touch his baby.

Which commandment does John forget when Hale asks him to recite the Ten Commandments?


What did Abigail do with the chicken?

Abigail drinks chicken blood by her own choice to curse Goody Proctor and later in the play lies about drinking it as her own decision, she says Tituba,”she makes me drink blood”(Miller, Act 1, pg 45).

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Why does Mary Warren want the girls to confess to dancing in the woods?

Mary tries to compel Abigail to confess to dancing and singing in the woods with Tituba in order to protect the entire group from accusations of worse activity.

Who does Abigail flirt with when he comes to town?

Abigail flirts with John Proctor. She tries to get him to admit that he still wants her and expresses anger toward his wife for “blackening” her name in the village. Abigail admits to Proctor that Betty is just pretending.

What points to Abigail as the villain in the play?

Is Abigail the villain in this drama, or is she innocent? She is the villain because she lied about what she did in the woods, falsely accused Elizabeth of witchcraft by putting a needle in the poppet. Explain how Hale’s actions, or lack of action, encourages the increasing feeling of dread in this act.

Why is Abigail jealous of Elizabeth?

Many of the characters are motivated by jealousy and greed in The Crucible. Abigail is motivated by jealousy of Elizabeth Proctor; she wants Elizabeth to die so she can marry John, Elizabeth’s husband.

What makes Abigail the villain?

Abigail is the antagonist of the play. She stands opposed to John Proctor, even though she claims to love him and want to be with him. Her refusal to believe that their affair is over, and her desire for revenge on John and his wife, Elizabeth, drive the action of the play.

Is Abigail Williams a villain essay?

Abigail was the young women that John Proctor had an affair on his wife with. Abigail Williams is a prime example of a villain because of her actions in The Crucible. One of the things that she does to portray her as villain is she lies about Tituba forcing her to drink blood, when really she did it under her own will.

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Why is Abigail the most to blame in the crucible?

The characters in the play that are most to blame are Abigail and Danforth because Abigail makes false accusations throughout the whole play, she causes all the hysteria that feeds the witch trials, and Danforth fails to act to stop the hysteria. …

Who is most to blame in the crucible essay?

Abigail Williams

Does Abigail deserve the blame for the outcome of the play?

Abigail is a mean and vindictive people who make the wrong decisions, and hurts anyone to get what she wants; John Proctor. Her faults are quite obvious, she does deserve the blame for the outcome of the play. She really hope Elizabeth die, if Elizabeth died, she will be the only lover for John.

Who is mostly to blame for the situation at the end of Act III?

Who is to blame for the hysteria?

Thus Abigail is to blame for the beginning of the hysteria because she deceives the other townsfolk, and blames others for her actions. 1.

Who holds the most blame for the events in Salem?

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